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You may not be on campus anymore, but you’re still part of the MSOE community. We want to keep in touch with you! Here is where you can join Hub, sign up for your new email address and update your contact information.

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The MSOE alumni community is growing by leaps and bounds. While we’re thrilled with the new additions, maintaining all of those email addresses has put some strain on our servers. As a result, the email address you used as a student will be turned off after you are officially named an alumnus by the Registrar’s Office. The good news is you can still keep your MSOE affiliation by signing up for a new email address.

Benefits of the new email addresses include:

  • Showing your MSOE pride by adding “alumni” status to your email address
  • Increased storage size of 25 GB
  • Access to Google Docs, Google Calendar and more
  • Ability to combine new your email address with existing Gmail accounts for one easy login

You are not required to sign up for a new address, but your email address will be turned off within a few months of you graduating. If you have a different email address you’d prefer us to use, please let us know by updating your contact information below.

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If you have a different email address (Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.) where you would prefer to receive information about MSOE events, news, programs and activities please share it with us so that we can keep you up to date on the great things going on.

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Alumni E-news is an electronic newsletter, sent once a month, with the latest university news and upcoming alumni events. You may unsubscribe at any point, and email addresses are never sold or distributed.

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Alumni Chapter - Wisconsin

MSOE alumni from Wisconsin
Open Group
Recent Activity
36 members Mar 7, 2013 by Kent Heberling

Alumni Chapter - West

MSOE alumni from CA, WA, OR, ID, NV, MT, AZ, UT, NM, CO, WY, AK.
Open Group
12 members Mar 7, 2013 by Kent Heberling

Alumni Chapter - Midwest

MSOE alumni from ND, SD, KS, NE, OK, MO, IA, MN, IL, IN
Open Group
21 members Mar 7, 2013 by Kent Heberling

Alumni Chapter - East

MSOE alumni from ME, NH, VT, MI, OH, WV, MD, MA, PA, RI, NY
Open Group
11 members Mar 7, 2013 by Kent Heberling

Alumni Chapter - South

MSOE alumni from TX, LA, AR, AL, MS, GA, FL, SC, NC, TN, KY, VA
Open Group
13 members Mar 7, 2013 by Kent Heberling
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Director of Alumni Affairs & Special Events


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