Many users of LinkedIn are unaware of the features associated with LinkedIn.  There are a pleasantly surprising number of tools you can use to maximize your use of the system in terms of identifying and securing a new job.  Here are ten of them, as described in the article linked below:
  1. Check out the jobs section
  2. Complete your profile (100% complete)
  3. Join groups
  4. Get connected
  5. Get your message out there
  6. Take part in Q & A
  7. Share updates
  8. Recommendations
  9. Find events to go to
  10. Explore the other applications
The job market for engineering, business, and nursing seems to be getting better, but there are always strategies job seekers can use to maximize their chance of success no matter the market.  The following tips will help you maximize your time and make your search more efficient.  To learn more details about each of them, visit
  • Be accountable for your own success
  • Focus your search
  • Be more than a resume
  • Show enthusiasm
  • Make a lasting impression
For more job search strategies, contact the MSOE Career Services Office.
It's not uncommon to hear about employers using social media to screen their candidates, but do you know what they look for?  Also, did you know that you could use your online presence to have a positive impact on your candidacy?  Here's an article and infographic that quickly show what things (both positive and negative) employers look for when using social media to evaluate their candidates:

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