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Posted by Kent Heberling Sep 25, 2012
SoftwareOne is in the early stages of opening an office in the Brookfield/Waukesha area. They have some IT, marketing, and other positions available, including internships.

SoftwareOne's careers page:

Harley-Davidson just announced a major outsourcing deal with Infosys, and Infosys does significant business with NML, Kohls and others.  Infosys thus may end up open a Milwaukee office.  At the very least, they will have significant presence in the Milwaukee area. Infosys is a consulting firm and can benefit not only from IT experience, but business analysts, marketing, IEs, etc.

Here's an article on Infosys's website ( regarding the recent Harley-Davidson deal:
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LinkedIn is a fantastic resource for job seekers who want to develop and maintain their professional network online.  However, it has to be used properly in order to be effective.  Here are 14 mistakes you might be making that could be hurting your search.

More information about each of them can be found here:
  1. Your profile is full of typos.
  2. You have no picture in your profile.
  3. Your profile picture is unprofessional.
  4. You have a vague or outdated title.
  5. You're not reaching out through LinkedIn Groups.
  6. You're not personalizing your connection requests.
  7. You're only using your phone to access LinkedIn (which has limited features).
  8. You haven't customized your LinkedIn URL.
  9. You have no summary.
  10. You aren't taking advantage of settings.
  11. You haven't utilized different sections on your profile.
  12. You list "skills" that LinkedIn doesn't officially recognize.
  13. You don't have (credible) recommendations.
  14. You're not using advanced search tools when searching for a company or job.

  Some of these are obvious, but others are less so.  Feel free to contact the Career Services Office for more information about any of them.

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