When applying for jobs, and throughout the interview process, it is absolutely critical that you research the companies you are applying to and interviewing with.  A recruiter from Motorola (and MSOE alum) conducted on-campus interviews last year, and indicated that only 4 of the 12 candidates had done any research on the company.  The 2 who had done the most were the ones who ended up receiving job offers.

Here are five good ways to conduct research on a company.  They come from the following article, where you can simply replace “school” with “company”:http://tinyurl.com/CompanyResearch
  1. Do Some 'Site-Seeing. The company’s website is a great place to start. Each company puts delicate consideration into how it paints the picture of the organization and the website is its canvas.
  2. Peruse the News. Visit news websites, especially in the company's city or websites devoted to industry news, and enter the name of the company in the website's search tool.
  3. Review the Rankings. This is easier when applying to work in higher education, but Forbes and other reputable entities do rank companies as well.
  4. Become a Social (Media) Butterfly. Before you apply for a job, search through your contacts on social media to determine if someone you already know works or previously worked for the company. They can provide inside information about the position. However, conduct your homework tactfully. No matter how friendly you are with a contact, always ask if he or she is in a position to disclose any information about the position.
  5. Think Over the Turnover. Look at the other open positions at the organization. Are they full-time, part-time, professional, temporary?  This can provide helpful hints about the stability of the institution.