Everyone knows that interview questions can be tough, but Harvard asks some particularly challenging ones of people applying for their MBA program.  Would you get in?

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Does your car park itself yet?  How about syncing with your smartphone to offer realtime traffic updates?  If not, your next one probably will, as more and more cars are being integrated with more and more software and technology.  As a result, automakers are hiring thousands of software, computer, and other engineers and IT specialists, and they're competing with the Apples, Googles, and other high-tech companies of the world for top talent.  If you're searching for jobs in those areas, consider looking East across Lake Michigan. An article by Reuters provides more in-depth information.

This new tool allows you to critically evaluate how far your money will go when considering internship or job opportunities in different cities. Tailor your comparisons based on demographics, and receive easy points of reference such as the price of a cup of coffee or a movie ticket, as well as essential living costs like rent, transportation and healthcare.