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Are you looking for a career related to software engineering?  Then check out the virtual career fair for Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) being held Aug 25 and 26.  Interact via online chat sessions with TCS recruiters who are seeking new candidates.  For more information on the event, click here:


Thanks to Richard Gagliano for finding this great list of resume mistakes to avoid.  The only modifications I would make are that objectives can sometimes be helpful, and MSOE students should use 3.0 rather than 3.8 as the cutoff for including their GPAs.

Things Never Put On Your Resume - Business Insider

Here's our list of other resume mistakes to avoid as well:  http://www.msoe.edu/docs/DOC-4197

Questions about your resume or job search?  Stop by Career Services or call us at 414-277-7120.

Check out the latest CORE Consulting newsletter for a list of many new job openings.  There are also interesting side links.  Last month was 3D-printed food in general, this month there is one on 3D-printed ice cream!


Remember that Career Services is open all summer.  Let us know how we can assist!  414-277-7120

It's so tempting.  Your phone just vibrated in your pocket during a business meeting, and you want to see why.  It could be important, right?  Someone could be awaiting your response.  You could just sneak a peek under the table, and no one would notice.  Or would they?  Would they care? 


Check out the link for a cleverly written argument for why you should NOT sneak that peek during a business meeting. 




Have questions about other business etiquette situations?  Contact MSOE Career Services at 414-277-7120.

Is your job search stressing you out?  Then take a look at this job search humor site and know you are not alone.




This was one of my favorites:  http://www.gifmeajob.com/everytime-my-friends-and-i-try-to-coach-each-other-on-getting-jobs/
Don't rely on just your friends.  Career Services is here to help!  We are open during the summer, M-F 8:00am-4:30pm.  Stop by, or contact me to make an appointment.


Good luck, and hang in there!


Erik Oswald
MSOE Career Services Associate

Erik Oswald

CORE Consulting newsletter

Posted by Erik Oswald Jun 30, 2014

Check out the latest CORE Consulting newsletter for a list of many new job openings.  There are also interesting side links, such as one article on 3D-printed food!


Remember that Career Services is open all summer.  Let us know how we can assist!  414-277-7120

The fine folks over at http://www.reviews.com/job-sites/ have reviewed the leading job search websites on the internet, and provide you with a list of the top 15.  The reviews are based on features such as availability of career resources, ease of use of the sites, unique aspects not found on other sites, and more.  If you're looking to do a job search, start with these reviews so you know where to look. 


Our top 5:


www.indeed.com / www.simplyhired.com





Don't forget about LinkedIn, too!


Let us know if you have any questions or concerns about the reviews or the sites listed.  Happy hunting!


MSOE Career Services Staff

Networking is that topic that everyone hears about, but few people actually embody.  The myths described in this article are a big reason why, and people get scared off by them.  Fortunately, they truly are "myths" and the article does a good job of debunking them:




Here are the myths:


Myth #1: Networking means you're looking to use people to achieve selfish goals, or opportunistically ask people for help.

Myth #2: You have to be a born networker or a natural at it.

Myth #3: You must have above average charisma to be a good networker.

Myth #4: You have to be a good talker or an overly chatty “schmoozer” to be a good networker.

You'll have to read the article to find out the truth!


4 Networking Myths Debunked | LinkedIn

Reminder: Career Services has our open house TODAY (Mon May 12th).  Free Professional Photos for your LinkedIn Profiles 10am-2pm, and Free Food 11am-2pm.



The CORE Consulting May newsletter is available online, with multiple job opportunities posted at the many companies they work with.

Check it out here:


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Take a break from your final projects and eat some free food (12-2pm).  There's still time for a last-minute search before summer!


BONUS! We'll also have a professional photographer here 10am-2pm to snap your professional LinkedIn profile picture.


See you Monday, May 12th, 12-2pm!

The Wisconsin Association of Independent Colleges and Universities (WAICU) is once again offering a paid summer internship program at a variety of non-profit organizations and companies throughout Wisconsin.  Participants receive a $2,000 stipend and a $3,000 scholarship.


For more information, to see a list of opportunities, and to apply, click here: http://www.waicu.org/internships/

You may have heard somewhere that networking is the single most effective job search strategy.  It's true.  And networking is easier than you think.  Check out this article for some great tips on identifying important people you can network with:  http://www.glassdoor.com/blog/network-introvert/

Here's the gist:

1) Seek out podcasts related to your industry or topics of interest.

2) Think of discussion points related to the information in the podcast.

3) E-mail the author or subject person of the podcast.

4) Discuss your thoughts.


The idea is that you can establish yourself as an interesting person in your industry with a mover/shaker, and once that person gets to know you there might be opportunities for him or her to refer you places or give you advice on breaking into a career.  You never know where the conversation can lead.


Check out the article for more details on the strategy.  Good luck!


Questions?  Contact Career Services at 414-277-7120 or career-services@msoe.edu

Did you know that Career Net will e-mail you when new jobs or internships are posted?  It will, but you have to "Save Your Search" in order to make it happen.  Here's how:


1) Log in at http://msoe.experience.com
2) Scroll down to the search widget, or use the Jobs & Internships tab.  Both quick searches and advanced searches can be saved.
3) When your search yields results, click "Save your Search"

Save your Search.JPG.jpg


It's that easy!


Advanced Tip: When searching, click "Show only jobs posted from my Career Services" if you want to see the companies who are searching directly for MSOE students.


Questions about the New Career Net?  Contact MSOE Career Services at career-services@msoe.edu or 414-277-7120.


Don't have an account in Career Net?  You can sign up here:

The NEW Career Net (powered by Experience) has been in full force since fall 2013!  To create an account, go to https://resources.msoe.edu/careernet_signup/ if you have not already done so.


Career Net allows you to post resumes, create a professional profile, search jobs, participate in on-campus interview opportunities, and more!  ANYONE wishing to access job descriptions, participate in on-campus interviews, connect with employers, etc. must have an ACTIVE account in the NEW Career Net.  An Active account means you have not only uploaded (& published) your resume, but you have completed a profile as well.


Don’t delay!  Employers are already searching profiles in the system, and on-campus interviews are occurring now.  Don’t miss out on internships, coop, or full-time employment opportunities.


Questions about the NEW Career Net?  Contact us at 414-277-7120. If you already have an ACTIVE account please disregard this message. If you have an account but have not created a profile you may follow this link, https://msoe.experience.com/

A few slots remain for Practice Interview Day on Tuesday, March 25th.  All students from all majors are encouraged to sign up for a 45-minute time slot and receive feedback on your interview skills from a real employer.  Call 414-277-7120 ASAP to sign up or if you have any questions.  We hope you will utilize our generous employers and take advantage of this opportunity.