The Wisconsin Association of Independent Colleges and Universities (WAICU) is once again offering a paid summer internship program at a variety of non-profit organizations and companies throughout Wisconsin.  Participants receive a $2,000 stipend and a $3,000 scholarship.


For more information, to see a list of opportunities, and to apply, click here:

You may have heard somewhere that networking is the single most effective job search strategy.  It's true.  And networking is easier than you think.  Check out this article for some great tips on identifying important people you can network with:

Here's the gist:

1) Seek out podcasts related to your industry or topics of interest.

2) Think of discussion points related to the information in the podcast.

3) E-mail the author or subject person of the podcast.

4) Discuss your thoughts.


The idea is that you can establish yourself as an interesting person in your industry with a mover/shaker, and once that person gets to know you there might be opportunities for him or her to refer you places or give you advice on breaking into a career.  You never know where the conversation can lead.


Check out the article for more details on the strategy.  Good luck!

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Did you know that Career Net will e-mail you when new jobs or internships are posted?  It will, but you have to "Save Your Search" in order to make it happen.  Here's how:


1) Log in at
2) Scroll down to the search widget, or use the Jobs & Internships tab.  Both quick searches and advanced searches can be saved.
3) When your search yields results, click "Save your Search"

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It's that easy!


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