World-Class Buildings

In 2013, Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company began the process of removing an obsolete downtown Milwaukee office building and replacing it with a world-class office building and campus connector building. Architectural engineering and construction management students from MSOE were involved in the building deconstruction, which is linked to other campus buildings with skywalks. In addition, […]

Lego Lambeau

Lego Lambeau

Students in MSOE’s Architectural Engineering Institute (AEI) student organization set aside their differences (there were Packers, Bears, Lions and Vikings fans in the group) to build a replica of Lambeau Field out of LEGOs in the Lambeau Field Atrium during the Packers Training Camp. To prepare, the team of architectural engineering, civil engineering, construction management […]


Rockwell Automation Thermal Monitoring System

The sponsor of this project was looking for a cost effective way to detect long-term electrical faults in motor control center buckets. Before an electrical fault occurs, the component will generate a steadily increasing source of heat over time. A team of electrical engineering majors designed the Thermal Monitoring System to act as a failure […]


Pneumatic Stewart Platform

A Stewart platform is a type of parallel robot capable of manipulating objects in six degrees of freedom.  Stewart platforms are currently used in aerospace, automotive, and manufacturing industries. Team Gamma, comprised of mechanical, computer and software engineers, implemented a pneumatic Stewart platform utilizing QVLA® position-sensing technology developed by Motion Controls LLC. This new technology […]


The Throne

Want to conserve water and have a more hygienic bathroom experience? Then check out this senior project by a team of electrical engineering technology majors. Team Monkey Wrench designed “The Throne,” an entirely hands-free dual flush toilet system for retrofitting on existing toilets. It uses automated systems in parallel with proximity and pressure sensors to […]


Peripheral Neuropathy Assessment System

Senior biomedical engineering students designed a device that can reliability track the progression of the symptoms of peripheral neuropathy in patients in a simple and effective method. Peripheral neuropathy is a slow progressing, nerve degenerating disease that an estimated 20 million Americans suffer from. Modern approaches of diagnosing peripheral neuropathy incorporate subjective techniques that are […]


Early Response Cooling System

The Early Response Cooling System (ERCS) was designed as part of a senior design project. A team of three electrical engineers and one computer engineer worked on the project. The ERCS allows medical personnel to begin immediate treatment for various injuries and conditions that require a patient’s core body temperature to be lowered, such as […]


Automated Beverage Dispenser

Engineers devote a lot of time and effort to simplifying different aspects of life. Four electrical engineering seniors focused their senior project on developing an automated process to mix drinks. The end goal of the Bartender’s Assistant is simplification. This machine is designed and programmed to automate the task of making drinks. This process includes […]


Therapeutic Hypothermia Cooling Device

For their senior design project, a team of biomedical engineering students designed a method to induce hypothermia in patients who have experienced temporary loss of circulation. Therapeutic hypothermia, or the controlled reduction of core body temperature to 32-34⁰C for an extended period, has been proven to increase the survival rate of patients who have experienced […]


Building Bridges and Friendships

Imagine living in a village without a reliable source for fresh water, or living in a remote village without access to food or health care during the rainy season. In the U.S., what we struggle to imagine is what many people in Guatemala face every day. MSOE’s Engineers Without Borders is a student organization that aims […]


Cyber Defenders

Imagine 16 grueling hours of protecting your network from a group of highly sophisticated hackers. That’s exactly how students on MSOE’s Cyber Defense Team spent their free time. In 2013, the team of computer students finished in second place at the Midwest Regional Cyber Defense Competition. They earned a spot at the regional competition by […]


Aerial Robotics

The FIRST Collegiate Robotics Organization hosted the 2013 Collegiate Aerial Robotics Exhibition at the Kern Center. The event featured teams from MSOE, Oakland University, University of Wisconsin–Platteville, and Virginia Tech competing in the Collegiate Aerial Robotics (CAR) Challenge. The CAR Challenge is a platform through which ambitious college students demonstrated robust acumen across the range […]

img-steel bridge-photos1

Super Steel Bridges

In 2013, MSOE’s student chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers took second place overall in the ASCE Great Lakes Regional Conference. As a group, the students took first place with their technical paper and first place in the geotechnical competition. The Concrete Canoe Team finished in third place. The Steel Bridge Team took […]


Planting the Seed

In October 2011 MSOE student Matthew Peterson heard a man from Padibe, Uganda, talk about his community’s need for a sunflower press that could be used to harvest oil from sunflower seeds. The oil would provide a much-needed boost to the local economy, which was ravaged by nearly 20 years of civil war. In order […]


Senior Project Takes Flight

A team of 17 MSOE students designed, built and successfully flew an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) for their 2013 senior design project. The “Air Raiders’” hard work began in April 2012 when the 11 mechanical engineers, four computer engineers and two electrical engineers put their heads together to come up with a plan to compete […]

img-regolith raiders-photos

Astronaut Approved

The Regolith Raiders took the third place 2012 On-site Mining Award at the NASA Lunabotics Mining Competition, which was the best MSOE has ever done. The senior project objective was to engineer and build a lunar excavator that could mine and deposit a minimum of 10 kilograms of lunar regolith (moon dirt) simulant, called BP-1, […]

Bee Robot

Student Builds a Robot

Bella the Bee Makes Learning Fun The stinger on this three-foot bee wouldn’t hurt a bit! “Bella the Bee” is a robotic bee created by MSOE electrical engineering student Tim DeLeo as an interactive and fun learning learning tool. The honey bee robot is based on “A Busy Bee: The Story of Bella the Honey […]

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