Whenever someone gives a gift to MSOE, it is a conscious decision to benefit the university. There are two types of gifts to choose from, both of which are vital to the success of MSOE:

The gifts that alumni, parents and friends of the University make in response to yearly requests for support comprise The Annual Fund. Annual giving is a way in which the largest numbers of constituents are able to support MSOE. The Annual Fund includes unrestricted gifts and gifts restricted for current operations. Gifts to the Fund are expended in the fiscal year in which they are received.

Annual gifts support the annual operating budget. They provide the needed financial resources to support academic programs, scholarships, equipment and materials purchases, computers for labs, student services, as well as academic and co-curricular programming and activities. MSOE depends on annual gifts to sustain its position of academic excellence.

The other type of gift is an endowment fund gift, which is given for a specific purpose by the donor to ensure MSOE’s perpetual existence. These funds provide a restricted pot of money from which a portion of the interest is used to fund and support on-going expenses. These expenses cover academic programs, scholarships for students, renovation of physical space or a myriad of other university needs. Endowed gifts are established at varying dollar amounts and, once established, they free up money by guaranteeing certain needs will be paid for by your fund and not from the university’s operating expenses. This support allows the university to expand its efforts in other areas knowing that your fund guarantees the payment of the program which you have chosen to support.

If this type of gift appeals to you, please contact Scott Weaver, JD, director of planned giving, at (414) 277-7148.

He has a list of projects that may appeal to you, ranging from a few thousand dollars to millions of dollars—something to fit everyone’s budget. It can be done anonymously or it can be a program that is named in honor or memory of yourself or a loved one. The program can be tailor-made and designed in such a way as to support your very specific interest. You are only limited by your creativity in your desire to support MSOE.

The choice is easy; the choice is yours. A planned gift is the gift that anyone can make and one that MSOE cannot do without.