No, it is not. Making a bequest to MSOE through your will or trust is the simplest form of planned gift that a donor can make. When drafting, or re-visiting your will, first determine whether you will leave a set amount to MSOE or a percentage of your total estate.

After determining which type (amount or percentage) you would like to gift, the only other decision you need to make is whether the monies will go for a specific purpose (such as a named and/or endowed scholarship) or into the general fund to be used as needed by the university.

Work with your attorney and recommend that this language is used: “I bequeath the sum of $___ (or a percentage) to Milwaukee School of Engineering, Milwaukee, WI, to be used or disposed of as its Board of Regents in its sole discretion deems appropriate (or for a specific purpose).”

If you or your attorney has any questions about the process or the specific language, please contact MSOE’s director of planned giving, Scott Weaver at (414) 277-7148 and he can assist you.

If you are comfortable with telling us about your gift, please do so either by calling Scott or by sending a copy of the provision to the MSOE Development Office at 1025 N. Broadway Milwaukee, WI 53202

Your intention to support MSOE through your will not only assists the university in our planning for the future, but it allows us to thank you personally for your thoughtfulness and generosity. It also enables us to recognize your commitment to MSOE. Your example may even encourage others to do make a similar contribution.

Thank you for touching the future by helping the generations of students to come.