As we have discussed previously, annual gifts support the annual operating budget. They provide the needed financial resources to support academic programs, scholarships, equipment and materials purchases, computers for labs, student services, as well as academic and co-curricular programming and activities. Annual fund support is crucial for the year-to-year sustainability of the university.

To ensure the university’s long-term sustainability we must develop a larger pool of endowed funds. In most cases, endowed funds do not rely on annual contributions from the donors or businesses. An endowed gift is money that is safeguarded and invested very carefully as directed by MSOE’s Board of Regents. These gifts are made to last in perpetuity.

A planned, endowed gift is traditionally made with a larger sum of money or appreciated assets. This gift may be planned to coincide with the end of one’s life. It is a gift that is not given until after death when there is no further need for the assets. You can provide MSOE with specific stocks—appreciated or depreciated—bonds or a brokerage portfolio. The university will work with you during your life to ensure the gift is made quickly and efficiently. In addition to a gift of stocks, bonds and other assets, a simple way to make a planned gift to MSOE is by naming the university as the beneficiary of a life insurance policy or of a qualified retirement plan.

Nearly any one of your current assets may be left to the university after your death without compromising your current financial position. You use your money as you need to use it for your care and well-being with no restrictions.

Once the decision is made to make a planned gift to MSOE, we will work with you to determine how the gift will be utilized. Scholarships are of the utmost importance at MSOE, but there may be someone that you might wish to honor or remember and we can certainly accommodate that request.

This is a wonderful way for you to touch the future. Please contact MSOE Director of Planned Giving, Scott Weaver if you have any questions about planned giving and MSOE. Scott’s direct number is (414) 277-7148 and his email is