This is a question MSOE’s Director of Planned Giving, Scott Weaver J.D., often asks when meeting with a donor. For almost everyone, the answer revolves around family, and securing loved ones’ futures. Many people also want to help promote MSOE’s mission, but perhaps feel they’re not able to do both. Most are surprised when they learn they can simultaneously make a lasting impact on their family and on MSOE. Weaver has helped many people achieve this dream. Read below to learn how he can help you.

“My obligation is to show donors how they can make their dreams come true in spite of their perceived or very real obligations. I recently met with a donor who wanted to give MSOE a substantial gift, but felt that he needed to take care of his adult daughter with needs. He presumed that she would live on after his death because of her relatively good health and that she, at some point in the future, could put MSOE into her will.

“As we discussed the importance of providing her with monthly assistance, I could feel his sense of obligation and devotion to her. After all, she is his daughter and she needs his help. Being respectful of that, I suggested he speak with his attorney, who could set up a trust for his daughter’s benefit. Her bills would be paid by the attorney’s staff, she would have monthly spending money and, most importantly, the corpus could be retained and prevented from being spent frivolously.

“I then suggested that he could still benefit MSOE after his daughter’s needs had been met. We talked at great length about HIS dreams of helping students get the same great education that he got, and getting them started on the road to success. He believes in the American dream and wants to share that belief with others, and he has a passion for MSOE. We discussed a named and endowed scholarship and he was thrilled.

“The details were easy to take care of and I showed him how both of his dreams would ultimately come true.

“By the time the conversation ended, this alumnus had peace of mind knowing that his daughter could be generously and faithfully cared for the rest of her life. In addition, the university that he loved and that he felt had given him the tools needed to be successful, could also benefit. He would touch the future by helping students in perpetuity through a named scholarship.

“There is always a need for donor support at MSOE, whether for a few dollars for a student project or hundreds of thousands of dollars for a building update. The university’s needs are many. We need to stay current to become one of the nation’s premier undergraduate, technology-based universities. I am hopeful that a need of the university coincides with a donor’s interest. Every little bit helps, and the donor can relate to that concept. In almost every conversation, I am told that the donor just wishes that they could do more by making a larger gift to make a real impact on the future of MSOE. It is my job to make that wish come true.

“Like everything else in life, it all starts with a conversation. Please call me today at (414) 277-7148 so that we can start that conversation.”