Thank you for your patience as we have worked over the last several days to restore the MSOE IT systems.  Here is the status update of as end of day, Friday, January 3rd:


Email - available. Use webmail or back up your Outlook prior to using it.  Please see instructions on saving your information in Outlook.


O and M drives - We are still working on restoring these drives but we have had some issues due to the large number of files kept in these locations. We will continue to work on the restore and expect to have both drives available by Monday.


H drive - We have backups of the H drive ready to be restored but can not start that process until the O and M drives are finished. It may not be ready until Monday/Tuesday of next week. We will provide another update on the H drive availability once we have a more accurate time estimate.


Blackboard - available at


Library databases - available from on and off campus


Jenzabar and myMSOE - available


January 6th Payroll - processed as scheduled


ID card access, vending, and food locations - available, as regularly scheduled


Ad Astra - unavailable - We are working with our vendors to resolve issues with the Ad Astra room reservation system.


If you have additional questions, you are encouraged to submit a ticket to the IT Help desk 

In addition to your email, calendar and contacts, etc, you may also have created rules in Outlook to better manage your inbox.  Please refer to the instructions below on how to import and export your local rules from your installed clinet.


Please feel free to contact the IT Helpdesk with any support questions or issues you may have.


Exporting your Outlook rules


Importing your Outlook rules

As questions have been coming in, we wanted to provide some frequently asked questions that may help you as you back up your email data:


Q: I don't use Outlook, but I use another email program that downloads my email. What can I do?

A: Other email programs should have a similar procedure for saving locally downloaded emails. Use the help tool within your email program to learn how to export or archive that mail.


Q: My .pst files are stored on my H drive. Are they still there? When can I get at them?

A: If your .pst files are stored on your H drive, then they are still on the H drive server and it is in the process of being restored. We don't have a time estimate on the availability of the H drive server at this time.


Q: I only used webmail to access my email. Will I be able to save my messages?

A: Unfortunately, no. The email storage servers were lost in the outage and we have had to create new ones which means that all mailboxes are empty.



We will continue to add to this document if more questions come in.  Thank you again for your continued patience.


If you have further questions, please contact the IT Help Desk at 414-277-7288.

This blog will explain the steps necessary to retrieve the Outlook data (email, tasks, contacts, calendar, notes) you had prior to December 30th.


The data is still available in a file on your computer. In order to save that data, we strongly advise you to back up your Outlook using the directions below.  While your Outlook mailbox is not restored at this time, following the steps will ensure what you do have will be accessible via the file stored on your MSOE computer.



Backing up your Microsoft Outlook 2010 Data


Viewing your Microsoft Outlook 2010 Data



Thank you for you continued patience as IT works diligently to restore our services.  If you have any questions, please contact the IT department  Help Desk at 414-277-7288.


Updates will continue to be shared as they are available.