The MSOE list serves were a convenient way to share information with the masses.  Whether you were a current student, faculty member or alum, you were able to receive the information that was important to you.  Unfortunately, data was lost on the list serve server as the campus recovered from the recent outage. While it was not planned to lose the list serves in this manner, as a community, we can rise to the occasion and have the communication back in place before we know it. Lucky for us, we have Hub!


What you need to know:

  • Student Organizations that have an open or members only group on Hub have the ability to email their members through their group.  Directions on how an administrator of the group can do this can be found here.


  • Hub Members can join any open or members only group.  By joining, they are signing up for any communication you send through Hub, whether posted or emailed.  If you were on a list serve, join the group!


  • Student Organizations that had a list serve prior to the outage may be able to access a members list by submitting an IT ticket.  The student organization will then need to invite the members to join their student organization on Hub by sharing their URL.


  • Departments on campus that had a list serve (for example, Financial Aid) have a place to follow.  You can follow a space by finding in on the website (look for the yellow square icons) and clicking on “Follow” in the upper right-hand corner.  Individuals following the space will receive notifications in their Hub inbox, unless they have changed their settings to send an email to their preferred email account.


  • Not all list serves are pointing to groups yet.  The department of digital marketing is working to have everyone up and running as soon as possible.  If you managed a list serve and need assistance, please email to set up an appointment.


  • We plan to have a list of groups who are ready with their Hub groups posted this week.  Follow this blog to receive the updates.


  • A few list serves survived: MSOE, Milwaukee, overall Student Orgs list, Sale List.  These are managed by Student Life and will continue as they did prior to the outage.



Thank you for your patience and feedback!