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Hub Update: Chrome Issue

Posted by Dana Grennier Jan 21, 2014

If you are using Chrome, your content tabs may look a little funny.  This is an issue with an update that Chrome pushed and we are trying to find resolution.  Firefox and IE render just fine.  We will keep you posted of any developments.

**Update***  This issue should be resolved for users now.  If you continue to have problems, please let us know.   2.13.14

We have developed a list of student organizations and departments on campus that used to have a list serve.  The document includes the name of the student organization and departments and if you need to join or follow the group.  Details can be found here and will be updated as we have more information.  Some of the student organizations and department groups are under construction.  Please be patient as everyone gets things up and running in the fashion they would like.


If you represent a student organization that is currently not on Hub, please request a group to get started.  If you do not see your group, please let us know by commenting on this blog.  We do not want to exclude anyone and no one was intentionally overlooked.


Have fun getting the information you are interested in! 

Dana Grennier

IT Update: List Serves

Posted by Dana Grennier Jan 14, 2014

The MSOE list serves were a convenient way to share information with the masses.  Whether you were a current student, faculty member or alum, you were able to receive the information that was important to you.  Unfortunately, data was lost on the list serve server as the campus recovered from the recent outage. While it was not planned to lose the list serves in this manner, as a community, we can rise to the occasion and have the communication back in place before we know it. Lucky for us, we have Hub!


What you need to know:

  • Student Organizations that have an open or members only group on Hub have the ability to email their members through their group.  Directions on how an administrator of the group can do this can be found here.


  • Hub Members can join any open or members only group.  By joining, they are signing up for any communication you send through Hub, whether posted or emailed.  If you were on a list serve, join the group!


  • Student Organizations that had a list serve prior to the outage may be able to access a members list by submitting an IT ticket.  The student organization will then need to invite the members to join their student organization on Hub by sharing their URL.


  • Departments on campus that had a list serve (for example, Financial Aid) have a place to follow.  You can follow a space by finding in on the website (look for the yellow square icons) and clicking on “Follow” in the upper right-hand corner.  Individuals following the space will receive notifications in their Hub inbox, unless they have changed their settings to send an email to their preferred email account.


  • Not all list serves are pointing to groups yet.  The department of digital marketing is working to have everyone up and running as soon as possible.  If you managed a list serve and need assistance, please email hub@msoe.edu to set up an appointment.


  • We plan to have a list of groups who are ready with their Hub groups posted this week.  Follow this blog to receive the updates.


  • A few list serves survived: MSOE, Milwaukee, overall Student Orgs list, Sale List.  These are managed by Student Life and will continue as they did prior to the outage.



Thank you for your patience and feedback!

The IT department has finished the migration process to the new mailbox servers and has made all of the new mailboxes permanent. Now that the server process is complete, each user can proceed to transition Outlook to use the permanent mailbox as well.


WARNING: Do NOT begin this process unless you have backed up any data that you wanted to keep from your local Outlook cache. You will be able to restore the backup files but not access the “Old Data” after this process is complete.


The process for doing this is explained in a series of 3 documents:

  • The first step should be completed by ALL Outlook users.
  • Step 2 should be completed by users who need to restore data from the backup file that they created recently.
  • Step 3 should be completed by users who have archived/saved information in .PST files.


The instructions have been written for both Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010, which are the 2 versions that the university currently supports. Please use the appropriate directions for the version of Outlook that you have installed.


Step 1 – Connecting Outlook to your permanent mailbox:  Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010

Step 2 – Restore data from export file: Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010

Step 3 – Reconnect to archives within .PST files: Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010


If you have any questions about the process, please contact the IT Helpdesk.

The IT systems team has been working to complete the process of finalizing the configuration of the new email storage servers. We have been asking users to maintain the “temporary mailbox” status while we determined if data recovery on the old email storage would be possible and we have learned that we will definitely not be able to recover the old email. We apologize for the loss of data that some of our users have experienced and encourage all users to regularly back up and archive any emails that they feel are critical to maintain permanently.


Given the current status of the system, we are finalizing the procedures to transition all Outlook users to permanent mailbox status. This procedure will include a set of steps that each user will have to follow in order to update their computer’s Outlook status. This procedure will be published on Friday and the Helpdesk will be available to answer any questions that users may have regarding the process.


Thank you again to all of you for your patience and understanding while the team has worked through the process of restoring services to the university. Please feel free to post any questions you may have in the comments section.

The email system is back up and is accessible. 


Thank you again for your patience.  If you have any questions, please direct them to the IT Help Desk.

Thanks again to the MSOE community for your patience and understanding as we have worked to restore all of the university's systems. At this time, all production systems are up and running including all of our large file storage drives (H, M, and O).


We have received a number of questions about the directions for backing up email in Outlook and we are directing everyone to submit a ticket and we will have someone contact you to answer specific questions.


We have also been asked about the "Temporary Mailbox" message that occurs when you open Outlook. The mailbox status is set to temporary so that we will have the option to restore any data that we may be able to recover from the server before the outage. We highly recommend that anyone who wants to save their local Outlook data do so by the end of the day Friday, January 10th. After that time, we will make the changes to the mailbox settings so that things return to the way they worked before.


Any other questions or issues should also be directed to the IT Helpdesk or submitted in a ticket.

There have been many questions asked about the missing information on the email servers and what is being done about it. Here is a summary of the situation.


The power event that occurred on Monday morning, December 30th, caused a catastrophic data center event in the main server room. The outage caused damage to several pieces of equipment which led to a multi-system failure. From the moment that power was restored, the IT systems team has been working around the clock in order to restore services to the university as quickly as possible. Due to the extent of the system damage, we have had to restore many things from backups; a process which takes considerably longer than simply rebooting systems that have lost power.


In regard to email, the equipment damage directly affected the data storage for the email servers that store all of the email/calendars/etc. for our users. The situation was assessed and a plan to move forward was made in conjunction with the executive team. The first priority was to restore the services so that the university can continue to function and this was done by creating new mailboxes for every user so that email could be sent and received. The IT team is pursuing available options regarding the restoration of the email server data, however the probability that a full or even partial recovery will succeed is very small. With recovery in question, we are asking users to save anything that they may have cached locally so that their loss is as minimal as possible.


The local cache is one of the reasons that the university has provided and recommended the use of Outlook for many years and we continue to recommend that route. Using a locally cached program, such as Outlook, provides several conveniences to the user and also provides one extra level of storage during an event such as this one.


Please be assured that the IT systems team has been continually improving our systems redundancy and replication plans for several years and will be performing another full assessment of the situation with regard to recent events.  Any proposed changes resulting from that evaluation will be submitted to the executive team for review.


Once again, we thank you for your patience and understanding as we work through the process of restoring the university’s systems.



Jennifer Haro

Director of Technology and Information Systems

Thank you for your patience as we have worked over the last several days to restore the MSOE IT systems.  Here is the status update of as end of day, Friday, January 3rd:


Email - available. Use webmail or back up your Outlook prior to using it.  Please see instructions on saving your information in Outlook.


O and M drives - We are still working on restoring these drives but we have had some issues due to the large number of files kept in these locations. We will continue to work on the restore and expect to have both drives available by Monday.


H drive - We have backups of the H drive ready to be restored but can not start that process until the O and M drives are finished. It may not be ready until Monday/Tuesday of next week. We will provide another update on the H drive availability once we have a more accurate time estimate.


Blackboard - available at msoe.blackboard.com


Library databases - available from on and off campus


Jenzabar and myMSOE - available


January 6th Payroll - processed as scheduled


ID card access, vending, and food locations - available, as regularly scheduled


Ad Astra - unavailable - We are working with our vendors to resolve issues with the Ad Astra room reservation system.


If you have additional questions, you are encouraged to submit a ticket to the IT Help desk 

In addition to your email, calendar and contacts, etc, you may also have created rules in Outlook to better manage your inbox.  Please refer to the instructions below on how to import and export your local rules from your installed clinet.


Please feel free to contact the IT Helpdesk with any support questions or issues you may have.


Exporting your Outlook rules


Importing your Outlook rules

As questions have been coming in, we wanted to provide some frequently asked questions that may help you as you back up your email data:


Q: I don't use Outlook, but I use another email program that downloads my email. What can I do?

A: Other email programs should have a similar procedure for saving locally downloaded emails. Use the help tool within your email program to learn how to export or archive that mail.


Q: My .pst files are stored on my H drive. Are they still there? When can I get at them?

A: If your .pst files are stored on your H drive, then they are still on the H drive server and it is in the process of being restored. We don't have a time estimate on the availability of the H drive server at this time.


Q: I only used webmail to access my email. Will I be able to save my messages?

A: Unfortunately, no. The email storage servers were lost in the outage and we have had to create new ones which means that all mailboxes are empty.



We will continue to add to this document if more questions come in.  Thank you again for your continued patience.


If you have further questions, please contact the IT Help Desk at 414-277-7288.

This blog will explain the steps necessary to retrieve the Outlook data (email, tasks, contacts, calendar, notes) you had prior to December 30th.


The data is still available in a file on your computer. In order to save that data, we strongly advise you to back up your Outlook using the directions below.  While your Outlook mailbox is not restored at this time, following the steps will ensure what you do have will be accessible via the file stored on your MSOE computer.



Backing up your Microsoft Outlook 2010 Data


Viewing your Microsoft Outlook 2010 Data



Thank you for you continued patience as IT works diligently to restore our services.  If you have any questions, please contact the IT department  Help Desk at 414-277-7288.


Updates will continue to be shared as they are available.

MSOE email is currently accessible using webmail.  We are asking that individuals back up their old email through Outlook.  A campus wide message will be going out this afternoon via your MSOE email address and this blog with instructions on how to do this.  Updates will be provided as they are available.  Be assured that IT is making every effort possible regarding email.


Thank you again for your continued patience and understanding.

As we continue to work to restore services on campus, Hub Help will be your source for up-to-date information.  We currently have the following updates:


1. Email: You can now access your MSOE email through webmail.  Email that was saved on the server is temporarily unavailable. This means any emails you had stored will not appear in your mailbox at this time.


2. Blackboard access: To access Blackboard, please go to: msoe.blackboard.com. This will allow you to proceed as normal.



Please watch for further updates as they become available.


Thank you again for your patience and understanding.

To say we are excited is an understatement.  MSOE's original social community, Bridge, won the 2013 Forrester Groundswell Award for Social Depth. Sounds cool, but what is it, you may ask?


photo 2.JPG.jpg

Social depth, in this case, refers to how we were able to develop a social community where prospective MSOE students could make an informed decision about attending MSOE.  What those students told us was they felt connected to MSOE before they even stepped foot on campus.  That was the hope, the dream of Bridge. 


Now, we have Hub.  A brand new community where not only prospective students, but current students, alumni, parents, faculty, staff and business partners can share in the conversation.  Share in everything they love about MSOE but also be willing to help each other through challenges that may arise.  So, thank you for being a part of MSOE's Hub. We are just starting the journey but as Forrester has already recognized, we are on our way to great things.