MSOE email is currently accessible using webmail.  We are asking that individuals back up their old email through Outlook.  A campus wide message will be going out this afternoon via your MSOE email address and this blog with instructions on how to do this.  Updates will be provided as they are available.  Be assured that IT is making every effort possible regarding email.


Thank you again for your continued patience and understanding.

As we continue to work to restore services on campus, Hub Help will be your source for up-to-date information.  We currently have the following updates:


1. Email: You can now access your MSOE email through webmail.  Email that was saved on the server is temporarily unavailable. This means any emails you had stored will not appear in your mailbox at this time.


2. Blackboard access: To access Blackboard, please go to: This will allow you to proceed as normal.



Please watch for further updates as they become available.


Thank you again for your patience and understanding.

Frederick Berry

Web Update

Posted by Frederick Berry Jan 1, 2014

On Monday the server room had a power failure at 6:00 AM. MSOE went offline losing email, network, web, etc.


The IT team has been work continuously since the outage to repair the damage.


The following are updates on some of the impacted systems.


Blackboard is up and working, web is up, payroll can be processed, Jenzabar is okay, and email is being worked on.

As we get more information we will pass it on.


I am sincerely sorry.


Fred Berry

Kip Kussman

Hub Updates

Posted by Kip Kussman Dec 18, 2013

Hello again everyone!

Welcome to another addition of the Hub Updates Blog. A few updates and reminders...

1. We are currently working on reformatting the layout for the main university calendar.  Currently, it returns all events in a vertical display however, we will be changing this to a traditional monthly calendar layout. Over the past weeks, we have interviewed a numbers of students, faculty and staff for feedback on what the community would like to see in the updated calendar.  We would love to hear from more people.  Please feel free to share your thoughts and opinions in comments section of this blog post. We are hoping to have this calendar completed within 6 weeks. We are also looking to add a function for all groups on Hub to add an event they are hosting to the main calendar.  It will likely be a similar process as requesting a group. Stay tuned for more info on this!

2. Big news about single sign on!  It will be ready on Friday Dec 20. This means that if you are signed into Hub (which you can be for 8 hours without being logged out) you will be able to access blackboard and MyMSOE without having to log into them with your credentials.  As long as you are signed in to Hub, you are signed in to both of these sites as well. All you need to do is click on the launchpad icon for the site, and you will be directed to the site. This was a huge request from the student body and we are happy to finally give it to them.

3. A few reminders...

-- If you are an admin to a social group in Hub, please remember to regularly check for group requests.  You will find them under "Actions" on the left side of your Hub home page.  You can also set the notifications to go to your outlook.  To do this, click your name at the top right of the screen and go to "preferences." Under "preferences" you will want to make sure your Actions are "on."  This is the 3rd option on the list. Once you have turned them on, you will need to scroll to the bottom of the page to save/publish the changes.

-- To all students: by Jan 6, will be shut down.  If you still have yet to stop by the Office of Digital Marketing to get your group set up on Hub, please do so if you feel this will be helpful.  You can set up time (no more than 15-20 min) by emailing

--To all faculty and staff: universal standards have been set for the faculty and staff directory by the leadership team of MSOE.  Please reference the Faculty/Staff Hub Profile Standards here:

As always, we are interested in your feedback.  Post your comments, praises and suggestions here.

Safe, warm and happy holidays to you all!

MSOE’s mobile presence will be starting the new year off in a different way.  At the end of 2013, MSOE’s mobile app will be decommissioned and no longer maintained. MSOE’s website and social community, Hub, will be embarking on the development of a mobile version of the site starting the week of January 6.  The exact timeline for development is still being determined; however, the end goal is to have the information and functionality of Hub in the palm of your hand.

We are looking for a limited number of student and faculty/staff volunteers to be a part of a workshop in early January. Volunteers must be able to dedicate up to four hours on the date chosen for the workshop, currently being targeted for the week of January 6th.  If you are interested in participating, please contact for more information.

Kip Kussman

Hub Updates Blog

Posted by Kip Kussman Dec 4, 2013

Hub is only three months old and has already gone through a lot of exciting changes thanks to the feedback from students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends in the community. Because Hub is all about community and collaboration, we've decided to blog about all of the exciting changes and updates that the site has seen (and will see) in the days, weeks and months ahead. We've gathered the most common concerns, wishes, reported problems and suggestions are pleased to say most of them are addressed on the site.  Those that are not yet fixed are currently being worked on and we’ll be sure to keep you posted. Here are the Hub updates in no particular order…

  1. Improved search functionality. The number one concern we received about Hub was that the search functionality didn't return queries the way users prefer.  The search has been updated and will now return results in 4 categories in the following order: pages, content, places and people. Pages refer to any static content page in  Content refers to any content in Hub (polls, blogs, documents, discussions etc.) Places refer to social groups and spaces and people refers to all registered users in Hub.
  2. Updated launch pad. Speaking of search, there was quite a concern from the community with having difficulty finding the IT page on the website.  We've fixed that for good.  Now, all students, faculty and staff have an IT icon on their launch pad in Hub taking them directly to the IT webpage.
  3. Single sign on updates. Speaking of the launch pad, the IT department is currently putting the finishing touches on the single sign on capabilities for the site.  Soon you will be able to access my.msoe, blackboard and other sites without having to log in to them as long as you are logged into Hub (which you can be for up to 8 hours.)
  4. Academic Calendar page. We had a lot of feedback from users not being able to easily access the Academic Calendar. We have re-tagged this page and now it is the first page returned when searching for “academic calendar.” We've also added a new category to the main university calendar titled "Key Dates and Examinations. Now you can find all important university dates and download them to your personal calendar.
  5. As a reminder to all students, MSOE will be decommissioning over the holiday break.  We have Hub training sessions all week long to assist students with on boarding, creating accounts and learning the site.  Hub training is in the Office of Digital Marketing which is located in the same office area as Admissions and Financial Aid on the 3rd floor of the CC. No appointment is necessary.  You can also set up a meeting at your convenience by emailing
  6. Requesting a Social Group on Hub. As a reminder, if you need to request a social group for hub, you can do it here:


Keep your eyes out for the Hub Update Blog every other Wednesday (make sure to bookmark or follow it) Thanks for all of your constructive feedback.  Keep the conversation going by posting your thoughts and suggestions here!

To say we are excited is an understatement.  MSOE's original social community, Bridge, won the 2013 Forrester Groundswell Award for Social Depth. Sounds cool, but what is it, you may ask?


photo 2.JPG.jpg

Social depth, in this case, refers to how we were able to develop a social community where prospective MSOE students could make an informed decision about attending MSOE.  What those students told us was they felt connected to MSOE before they even stepped foot on campus.  That was the hope, the dream of Bridge. 


Now, we have Hub.  A brand new community where not only prospective students, but current students, alumni, parents, faculty, staff and business partners can share in the conversation.  Share in everything they love about MSOE but also be willing to help each other through challenges that may arise.  So, thank you for being a part of MSOE's Hub. We are just starting the journey but as Forrester has already recognized, we are on our way to great things.