• Hi how can i get a transcript of my grade overseas

    HI i was a student in msoe in 86 ineed a copy of my transcript and grade how can i get it
    Waleed Mufti
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  • IB Credit

    I am planning in testing  in a few of my IB classes and was wondering if MSOE excepted IB credit for the classes that I am planning to test in. I looked up the credits that would be accepted already and was wonde...
    Anthony Mendez
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  • Application Trouble

    When filling out my background information when it asks for my graduation year it only offers up to 2015.  I'm still in high school and I won't graduate until 2016 but it isn't offered.  I can't submit my ap...
    Julia Servidio
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  • Setting up MSOE Domain Email on Android 4.4?

    I tried following the document to set up my email on the native email app at the beginning of the year and had no luck.  I resorted to using the pre-release outlook web app for android.  Now the app is havin...
    Drew Brawner
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  • Student exchange - from Lubeck, Germany to Milwaukee? Who to contact for info. I saw it one time.

    Any info
    charles pelkey
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  • I typed my last name wrong when registering. (Oops). How do I change it?

    How do I change my name for this site, or delete my account so I can redo it?
    Kristine Irish
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  • Setting my status?

    I've just been accepted to MSOE and am planning for SW Engineering. Please tell me how to set my status on this hub
    Sarah Higgens
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  • Library regulations

    Hello:  Anyone home today?
    Alan Griffis
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  • Campus Mailing List page?

    I got removed from the campus mailing lists last year for a full mailbox, and I'd like to get added back to the lists. Every time I go to the campus mailing page, I get a message saying the site is under maintenance a...
    Zane Witt
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  • Personal Visit Registration

    Hi, im a prospective transfer student currently in an A.A.S. electrical engineering program at a community college. The Personal Visit Registration site seems to be broken, says a field is incomplete no matter what I ...
    Joshua Styx
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  • Demographic

    I am a staff member, but I am unable to choose staff under demographics in my hub. What can I do?   Kelly
    Kelly Flemming
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  • Maintenance Ticket

    So apparently the HUB is the way to go about maintenance tickets. Unfortunately when i go to submit the ticket it tells me that my password is wrong. I then hit the forgot password button and type in my e-mail address...
    Nathan Gray
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  • How do I install my MSOE email on my iphone?

    I am trying to install my MSOE email account on my iphone 5 without success.  HELP!
    Gina Vogt
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  • How do I set up MSOE email on the Android 4.4 Email App?

    The MSOE doc for setting up accounts on Android http://www.msoe.edu/docs/DOC-3826 looks like it's only for Samsung devices, as the Email app for stock Android 4.4 (possibly earlier) only includes the option for userna...
    Ian Hyzy
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  • Looking for a Contact in Transfer Admissions

    I am a prospective accelerated nursing student looking to get my transcripts looked at so I know what pre-reqs I need to finish. I used the transfer manual and some of the classes I've take were listed but not all. Is...
    Tanya Bueter
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  • Is there a recommended laptop + software for freshman?

    I was wondering if MSOE recommends having a specific kind of lap top? I'm going to buy one this week and I don't know much about the differences in brands, memory, or software / programs.
    Angela Beling
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  • My profile on the Hub

    Hello!   I have been approved to study at MSOE as an interchange student. But when I was registering myself on the Hub, I selected that I was a prospective student. How can I change that? Is this relevant? &nb...
    Renato Steinke Junior
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  • "Long-running script" is preventing me from applying to MSOE

    I've started my application to MSOE via two different browsers and an Apple device. I can't get any further than the family information before the system locks up because of a long running script, which I stop on the ...
    Kathryn Almquist
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  • Submitting my application

    II'm trying to submit an application, but it keeps telling me to confirm my first name even though I already did and it exactly matches my name entered in step 1. Seriously frustrated, please help.
    Jamie Kasten
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  • How do I setup my email on an Android????

    How do I setup my email on an Android?????????
    Jeffrey Taylor
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