• Is there a way to block all content from a particular user?

    While this doesn't happen often, I occasionally find it in my best interest to ignore post from a particular user.  Is there any way in the HUB to hide all content from a given user so that I don't see notificati...
    Chris Taylor
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  • How do I change my email address on my account?

    How do I change my email address on my account?
    Brandon Ollhoff
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  • Can I choose a non-MSOE email to receive hub notifications?

    I'd like to receive notifications, but I don't want to clog my MSOE email.
    Chris Taylor
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  • HUB discussion monitoring

    A few questions:   What is the current mechanism for monitoring discussions on the HUB? What should a HUB user do when they find an offensive response in a discussion?   Thanks.
    Hope Weiss
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  • How much damage?

    How much was truly lost, and how much data will eventually be recovered?   Can we please get a straight answer as to how much information has been lost? Will any emails that were stored on MSOE's server be recov...
    Matthew Foster
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  • Recommended Way to Post Event Pictures

    Tonight the biomedical engineering juniors are going to do their progress and feasibility presentations at a dinner event sponsored  by MSOE and the Milwaukee IEEE section (http://www.msoe.edu/thread/2509). I pla...
    Charles Tritt
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  • Work Phone Number/Format

    Kip:   Tried entering my work phone number several different ways, including in the format requested, but didn't have any luck, so I didn't enter it at all. Might want to check it out.
    Michael Ebben
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  • IT Department Website

    I cant seem to find a link to any information about our IT department.  I would like a phone number to call them as I am not on campus during normal hours.  The link in other posts fails.  When I follow...
    David Andersen
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  • Edit profile page has duplicate fields

    When filling in my profile, the page contains duplicate fields (numerous). Just a heads up!   (Possible fix) In the Jive Admin Console, navigate to the User tab and profile management section and ensure duplica...
    Cody Lettau
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  • Adding a link to my profile

    Is there a way to add a link to my profile in the hub to an external site.  I can see how I can upload a document or create a document from scratch, but I have not figured out how to add a url link to another loc...
    Walter Schilling
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  • I messed up.

    I forgot that I already had a Bridge account in the early summer, before the updates, so I made a new account. I entered my name and the same email I used last time, but now none of my information is there (my applica...
    Alexander Volk
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  • Help!

    I have completed everything I need for my application, but it says that its only 90% complete.  When it shows the screen that states my application will be reviewed, the screen closes out on me and it will not le...
    Kendall Krohn
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  • How To VPN MSOE Connection To Download Applications On My Laptop

    Well I can't seem to navigate the new Hub interface very well at all. I need to know how to get access to the MSOE domain (most likely via VPN) in order to download and install enterprise architecture 10.
    Jimmy Kuczynski
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  • Date of publication

    Can anyone tell me when this website was last published?
    Mark Miller
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  • Contact Information

    I have been told a few times now that email addresses and phone numbers for staff are not available to a person who is not logged in to HUB.  Is that how it is going to stay, or is there something that I should b...
    Mark Anderson
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  • Applying online

    I am attempting to apply online, and running into a problem.  After I hit submit, it states that I need to verify my first name. I have attempted to retype it many times, but it won't take.  Do you have any ...
    Ethan Hillmer
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  • How do I activate Multisim? (And other software I might need)

    On the old website, there was a procedure to activate the license. I don't have it anymore, and the trial just expired. How do I activate it?   On that note, where did all of the software installation/activation...
    Spencer Neilan
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  • RSVPs

    Where can I find documentation on Hub's Event and RSVP features? I just experimented with it and when I used Spectrum RSVP I was taken to a profile creation page. This page asked a bunch of irreverent questions and di...
    Charles Tritt
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  • Remember Me

    I find that I can work my way around the new site fairly easily. I have heard complaints from others though, i think mainly because of the different design. I do have to get used to how searching the site has changed,...
    Andrew Dieteberger
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  • Internal Documents Portal

    I suggest that an internal documents portal is created to store all MSOE department, program, policy-related, and other documents.  In the past, those could easily be located on inside.msoe.edu.  Currently, ...
    Olga Imas
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