• Student without ID number

    I'm filling out a lot of scholarships, and a majority of them as for my student ID number. Would this be something I leave blank, or would I have to obtain it from someone?
    Hailey Butler
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  • Admissions question

    Hello my name is Guissel and i recently submitted my application, i was just wondering if there is any way of me knowing if my High school transcript and ACT scores have been received? Also, is there any deadlines fo...
    Guissel Davila
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  • Admissions AP Credit

    When entering the number of ap credits, is that the number of tests that scored a 4 or 5?
    Evan Akers
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  • Admission Letter of Recommendation

    For the freshmen application, is it suggested to submit a letter of recommendation?
    Evan Akers
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  • Electrical Engineering can make this happen, 3 degrees and 2 international experiences

    How about 3 degrees and up to 2 international experiences? MSOE’s Electrical Engineering Program can make this a reality.   First, MSOE’s BS in Electrical Engineering has a one-year study abroad duri...
    Frederick Berry
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  • Three Degrees and Two International Experiences

    How about 3 degrees and up to 2 international experiences? MSOE’s International Business Program can make this a reality.   First, MSOE’s BS in International Business has a required one-year study ab...
    Frederick Berry
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  • Presidential Scholarship question

    For the GPA requirement of the Presidental Scholorship, does your senior high school year affect that? And would my GPA be rounded up if it were, 3.795?
    Evan Akers
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  • Freshmen Orientation

    Does anybody know how to register for Freshmen Orientation?
    Jesseka Lipscomb
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  • Presidential Scholarship

    Does the Presidential Scholarship cover all of the expenses of attending MSOE, including housing, meal plans, and the technology package; or does it cover only the tuition cost of attending MSOE?
    Paul Fritton
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  • Accepted Student Days

    Do parents usually attend the Accepted Student Days?
    Alexandria Muench
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  • Actuarial Science

    Hi,   I was looking up information about actuaries, but I was confused with all the societies and the different actuarial tracks there are.  When you apply to a college, does that college determine which tr...
    Peter Yim
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  • Presidential Scholarship

    About how many people receive the Presidental Scholarship?
    Rob Derek
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  • Please help

    Hi, I signed up for a tour during january about 2 months ago and i put the date within my phone. Unfortunately all my previous dates and documents were erased. Is their anyway to resend the date that I would tour? T...
    Ryan Ketterhagen
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  • This is all new, any suggestions where to start

    I am going into Mechanical Engineering, any ideas what to be check out on here.
    Lucas Klema
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  • Do you offer scholarships?

    Do you offer scholarships to out of state students
    Josie Smith
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  • Re-apply?

    So I had applied to MSOE my junior year before the new website was launched. When the new website was launched I wanted to check the status of my application, and soon discovered that it only gave me the option to app...
    Juan Casiano
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  • Congratulations to the School of Nursing May Graduates

    The May 2013 graduating class has a first time NCLEX pass rate of 94%!   What is NCLEX?  NCLEX is the high-stakes national licensure exam.  Graduates have to pass the test in order to secure a license...
    Debra Jenks
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