• Prototype Request

    Greetings,   I have been referred to MSOE regarding obtaining a working prototype for an invention. Please advise of requirements and whom to forward them to.   Thank you and best regards,   Joni ...
    janitha Jackson
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  • AutoCAD Licenses

    I have been trying for a few months now and I cannot connect to AutoCAD.  I have the Global Protect working but it keeps asking for a licenses number.  What can I do to get it to work since I am not in the S...
    Jill Vande Boom
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  • The new faxing system at MSOE

    Has anyone faxed with the new system yet? Do you have any hints, tricks, tips, etc. for the beginner? Also, is there a listing of the MSOE Departmental Fax numbers anywhere? A hub search for "fax numbers" did not bri...
    Sarah Rowell
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  • Classroom Technology - Getting to know the new technology

    As many of you may have noticed, quite a few Classrooms, especially all the Library Building Classrooms have been upgraded to include Dual Ultra-Short throw projectors, Document Cameras, a Built-in PC with SmartPodium...
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  • IT HUB Questions

    Why is it whenever  I attempt to navigate the HUB (as in leave My HUB), it tells me I'm logged out?  When I log back in, I'm taken back to my HUB and the cycle repeats.  I can't find any of the informat...
    Jennifer Farrell
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  • How do you bookmark on the HUB?

    Help!  I'm trying to earn the Forget-Me-Not Badge.  How does one bookmark?
    Gina Vogt
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  • BlackBoard user's Hub group?

    Is there a Hub group to facilitate knowledge share between instructors learning BlackBoard and those that have been using it for awhile?  If not can we get one started?
    William Farrow
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  • Who can see stuff?  :)

    I just have a general question for the experts out there.  So, if I come to a page like this (Faculty and Staff Hub), and post something.  Can only the faculty and staff see the post?  Or can everyone w...
    Mary Nielsen
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