• Summer Programs

    The following people need to change there HUB profile picture and avatar: Mike Devon Jess Kasey   Hop on it folks
    Haley Anderson
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  • MyMSOE Login

    Hi guys, Im going through my financial aid process right now, and Im having troubles logging into the site. Are the MSOE Hub log in credentials the same as my MyMSOE login? Thanks.
    Nicholas Vang
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  • Blackboard Mobile Learn

    Why does MSOE not have access to the Blackboard Mobile Learn app for Android and iOS? I feel like the app would be of use to students to check on announcements, look at content, etc. without having to power on their l...
    Martin Draganov
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  • Facts about volcanoes

    How do you know about volcano ? Here are Top Ten interesting facts about volcanoes. Some of them, you have known and others you may not know clearly. Let’s read the following information to understand about volc...
    Lam Hoang
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  • Game Development Clinic

    Here is additional information for the game development clinic for creating a simple RPG!
    Jacob Robers
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  • Grad Rate

    According to the Noble Network College Bot, MSOE's 6yr minority grad rate is a 33%. However, the overall 6yr grad rate is 58%. Why is this so?
    Corban Rowland
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  • M.A.D. Dash Student Giving Effort 3/16-3/21

    Make a Difference by Making a Donation The M.A.D. Dash is a week for students to make donations to MSOE that support the Student Assistance Fund, Student Organizations, Residence Hall Programming, and the Annual ...
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  • How can I get my email on my iPhone 5?

    I am having troubles getting my email on my phone. I had it set up on my android but can't get to work on my iPhone. I deleted the account and now I don't remember how to get it back on.
    Reney Bagnall
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  • What is your favorite part of the Hub?

    I like the Launchpad, myself
    David Walsh
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  • Next Smartphone

    What is the next smartphone innovation? Learn more from the source at, http://www.reuters.com/article/2013/09/12/us-technology-smartphones-idUSBRE98B0YN20130912
    Frederick Berry
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  • Foreign Language requirement

    hi - I completed two years of Spanish in high school. If I attend MSOE with the hopes of getting an M. Engineering degree, do I need more foreign language to graduate?
    Zachary Breider
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  • Computer Type

    MSOE provides a computer for all students, what type of computer is it and what type of software?
    Paul Wichmann
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  • What is a typical weekly classes schedule?

    Are most classes Monday through Thursday, Monday Wed, Tues Thur or Mon Wed Thur?
    Paul Wichmann
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  • Hi, I'm currently enrolled at UWSP and Im signing up for classes, help?

    So I already looked up what classes I can take here that will transfer to MSOE. I'm going to be a architectural engineer and the classes that I can are: MSOE - UWSP MA 136 - Math 120 CH 200 - Chem 115 (Which doesn'...
    Ryan Ketterhagen
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  • Job Skills Gap

    What did a survey of top executives reveal about, Job Skills Gap? Learn more from the source at, http://www.cnbc.com/id/101012437
    Frederick Berry
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  • Discussion vs. Question?

    Good morning, Hub users! This morning, we are spending some time going through and reviewing all of the Discussions and Questions, and making sure that all Questions have an answer as either correct or helpful. Throu...
    Sally-Anne Kaminski
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  • life

    Swaddle Blanket
    Millano Kortez
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  • Sound Through Your Body

    Can Disney transmit sound through your body? Learn more from the source at, http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-24031948
    Frederick Berry
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  • Graduation Reception

    5/23/13 5:00 PM
    This newly designed event for seniors approaching commencement (Fall, Winter or Spring quarters) offers students an opportunity to meet Alumni Board members and Alumni Office staff. It is part of a larger program that...
    MSOE Development
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    Graduation Reception

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