• Off Campus Housing

    Unfortunately I had an unexpected change in my living arrangements for this year, so I'm in desperate need of a place to stay during school (atleast until Jan 2016). If anyone knows of a room for rent, or needs a room...
    Caleb Schmitt
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  • Spring Break 2016

    Spring Break Package offered exclusively to MSOE students Sign up early to reserve your spot! Please contact nancy@thejourneyconcierge.com with questions and to sign up for a fun-filled, all-inclusive Spring Break t...
    Nancy Fleming
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  • MSOE life

    What are people like at MSOE? Are the environment super competitive or is it more like a community of peers who help each other?
    Yhiedania Santiago
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  • MSOE email

    Hello,   I am an incoming transfer student and I was just wondering if anybody could guide me on how to set up myMSOE account and MSOE email account.   Thanks,   Jill
    Jill Buzick
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  • Laptops

    I have heard and seen from multiple people that the laptops at MSOE that are currently given out are inadequate to run programs for classes or anything really that is needed. Should I expect to have to buy new RAM mod...
    Tyler Roberson
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  • Is the tuition cost of MSOE worth it?

    I am a potential student looking to study at MSOE for mechanical engineering. After all the scholarships and financial aid, I would still graduate from MSOE with about $100,000 in debt. I really like this school but i...
    Michael Butzen
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  • I made this 1 minute video about fusion, let me know what you think

    let me know what you think... I'm planning on SW Eng and hope to work in aerospace or alternative energy.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-KeV3ZLk7Hs
    Sarah Higgens
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  • Do any of you know how to get University info. mailed to you?

    I am a prospective student interested in MSOE, and I cannot seem to find an online way to contact the school to have them send me information. Can you help?
    Elizabeth Wright
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  • MSOE Winter Concert 2014

    Congratulations to all of those involved with the production this afternoon.  You each did a great job!  Thank you!
    Betty Albrecht
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  • All Students Email

    Can anyone point me in the direction of who to contact to send an email to all students?
    Brandon Yahr
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  • Num Lock on at startup.

    If any of you guys use the Msoe + ID # + mm/dd/yy for your pasword you may have found it annoying to click the num lock button upon every start up. Well there is a simple fix to this. Start the Registry Editor by goin...
    Gabe Garsombke
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  • How does discussion moderation work?

    I got the following message for a discussion reply "Your reply was rejected by a moderator. Please edit your reply and resubmit it for approval"  What does this mean?  How come I can still see my discussion ...
    Nat Horswill
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  • New Laptop Admin Password

    There is a problem with several peoples computers that they cannot download or change any settings on their computer without the Administrator Password. I do not know if this is a bad setup of their Windows Image, or ...
    Samuel Stafl
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  • Atoms First online access code for used book

    If you are buying a used copy of the Atoms First chem book, where can I buy the online pass code?
    Kyle Anderson
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  • Commuter Lockers

       Is it possible for commuters to get a locker on campus for books and/or gym clothes?
    mark dunston
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  • How does one mark a question as correct on the Hub

    I was attempting to mark an answer as correct and couldn't figure out how. Do you have to be the originator of the post? Or am I just having a problem with figuring it out?
    John Krenzer
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  • how to get MSOE Email?

    Hi all, I was wondering how to set up my MSOE email account so that i can register for classes? thank you for your help! Logan
    Logan Orr
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  • Msoe Email

    I have been trying to go to webmail.msoe.edu to sign into my email. When I go to sign in, it says there is an error verifying my identity. It may be because I have not changed the default password (Msoe, ID #, DOB) be...
    Nick Ferguson
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  • Getting ID Cards for Incoming Freshmen

    Incoming freshmen: Make the process of getting your MSOE ID easier by submitting your picture online via our Get Funds service. Simply go to "https://get.cbord.com/msoe/full/login.php" and create an account using yo...
    Abby Johnson
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  • Summer Programs

    The following people need to change there HUB profile picture and avatar: Mike Devon Jess Kasey   Hop on it folks
    Haley Anderson
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