Dylan Sandretto

Architectural Engineering and Construction Management

Class of 2013

“My internship gave me the opportunity to take my knowledge gained at MSOE and apply it to real-life projects.”

One of the hallmarks of an MSOE education is the ability to work on real-life projects in advanced laboratories. The construction of the athletic field and parking structure was the perfect laboratory in which students tested out their classroom knowledge. Dylan Sandretto worked on the construction project alongside MSOE alumni during his internship with exp. Dylan graduated in 2013 with degrees in architectural engineering and construction management.

Dylan’s responsibilities focused on the electrical power systems (receptacles and electrical equipment) of the project, as well as general project set up. “My internship gave me the opportunity to take my knowledge gained at MSOE and apply it to real-life projects,” he said. Conversely, his education at MSOE prepared him for the internship. “MSOE has given me good communication skills and a good basis of knowledge in engineering. Senior Design definitely improved my knowledge, specifically in BIM modeling and presentations.”

In addition to his internship, Dylan also participated in MSOE’s student chapter of the National Electrical Contractors Association. The team won the national championship in the 2011 Green Energy Challenge Student Competition in San Diego. This was the second year MSOE participated, and the second year they won the championship! “The student organizations offered at MSOE vary, and everyone can find one that relates to their interests or field. I also liked the small class sizes and the real-life experience professors bring to the classroom, as well as the senior design experience.”

Dylan is excited about the new addition to campus. “Not only does more parking improve safety and transportation for students,” he said, “but the addition of the athletic field brings sports closer to campus so more students can take part.”


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