Chaning Ogden

Computer Engineering

Class of 2009

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“I was part of the community from the first time I set foot on MSOE’s campus.”

Coming from a town where there was literally one stop sign (and no signal lights), Milwaukee was a grand idea to Chaning Ogden ’09, computer engineering alumnus. “I was awe struck when I came to Milwaukee. I fell in love with the city.” Chaning wanted a big city feel but also did not want to miss the closeness he was used to from his hometown of Cadott, Wis. “I wanted a home inside of a city. I found that during my campus visit to MSOE. I saw that I mattered to the city of Milwaukee. I was part of the community from the first time I set foot on MSOE’s campus.”

More than city life was important to Chaning when he was doing his college search. He loves information – the more, the better. He was impressed with MSOE’s graduation rate, placement rates and the fact that the study abroad opportunities expanded while he was attending. “I didn’t get to take advantage of the study abroad but I am thrilled that MSOE was able to develop these relationships for the students who will be following me.”

Chaning thinks beyond himself because that is what he knows. His father was an influence in deciding what his major should be. “Since I was a junior in high school, I knew I wanted to study computer engineering but I didn’t understand what computer science was. When I learned that computer science didn’t answer the ‘why’ of how something works, my fate was sealed. Computer engineers figure out and determine the ‘why’.”

Things were scary when he finally made his decision to attend MSOE. “The financial responsibility was huge. I did tons of scholarship searches but the best advice I can give is to make best friends with the financial aid counselors. I hammered them with questions. At the end of the day, while the front end investment was big, the end result is a great education with an outstanding future.”

Currently working for 7Summits as a developer, Chaning is also heavily involved with Newaukee, a group of young professionals promoting the great city of Milwaukee. Taking advantage of all of the activities both on and off campus is important. But there is a balance. “Don’t try to do it all. You have to separate what you want versus what you need. Come with enthusiasm and you will be successful.”


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