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Computer Engineering

Class of 2013

“I am able to apply what I learned at MSOE to the real world.”

Grant Ridder ’13 has done a lot of things that computer engineers (and many others) would like to do. He was involved in activities on campus including the InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. “I met a lot of new people when I was in IVCF, and furthered my following of God.”

Grant also was a member of the FIRST Collegiate Robotics Organization. The group organized a Collegiate Aerial Robotics exhibition at MSOE which featured ground and aerial robots competing for points on an enclosed course.

Attending MSOE was an easy decision for Grant. “MSOE is relatively close to my hometown, and it offered the major I wanted. There is an ice rink at MSOE as well!”

GrantRidder2Growing up, Grant dreamed of being involved in a manned mission to the moon or Mars and providing technology and electronics support. This dream, and his love for hands-on computer stuff is what led him to major in computer engineering.

As a student, Grant interned at Abbott Laboratories for three summers in the Network Operations Department. For his senior year, he was an assistant system administrator in the IT Department at MSOE, providing Tier 3 support to faculty, staff and students.

He particularly enjoyed his Computer Architecture II class with Dr. Russ Meier. “It was fun learning about multicore and multithreaded processors. And besides, it was with Dr. Meier!”

Grant currently works as an operations engineer at LinkedIn in Mountain View, Calif. He is part of a team of first investigators and troubleshooters of any performance or hardware degradation of any LinkedIn service or application.

Grant offers the following advice to MSOE students. “When people say time flies, they aren’t kidding. Learn to manage your time wisely.”

When asked how his current job compares with his childhood dreams he said, “I’m not too far off. I’m providing technology and electronics support, just not for NASA. I have learned so much from classes, friends and working at MSOE. I am able to apply what I learned at MSOE to the real world.”


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