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Software Engineering

Class of 2011

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“The best friendships I have ever had I made in the MSOE residence halls.”

Eighteen hundred pages. That is how many hand-written pages Seth Pollen, software engineering alumnus, has in the journal he started during his time at MSOE. “Writing every day really helped me become a better writer. But, more importantly, it helped me understand the things that happened in my life and helped me improve as a person.”

It took discipline to do this daily but Seth believes every MSOE student has to have discipline in order to be successful in the academics. Seth can say that. He earned a 4.0 GPA (one of only a handful throughout the history of MSOE) and was on the Dean’s List during his entire academic career.

Seth chose MSOE because it was one of the first universities in the country to have an accredited software engineering program. He knew he wanted to work with computers since high school. “I did a lot of computer programming. I knew it was something I deeply enjoyed. I found it very stimulating and satisfying.”

Now pursuing his master’s degree in computer science, Seth is convinced that MSOE taught the way that he absorbed information the best. “I much preferred the instruction at MSOE, which is oriented towards excellence in technique and practice, over the theoretical instruction that I am currently receiving.”

For those looking for a fantastic college experience, Seth has plenty of suggestions. He was actively involved in Engineers Without Borders, InterVaristy Christian Fellowship and a local non-profit called Summit Educational Association, where he functioned as a mentor to grade school boys.

“My work at Summit was one of the few things I did while in college that I knew, deep down, to be good and meaningful and altruistic.” Two years after leaving Milwaukee, I still make weekly phone calls to two of the boys. I believe I have played a significant role in shaping their lives.”

Seth’s final piece of advice for new MSOE students is to live in the residence halls. Even though he is from southeastern Wisconsin, he knew treating college like he was far away from home would be important to his personal growth. “There is a feeling of community in the residence halls that I have not found anywhere else. It’s really important to try to get to know people on your floor, to hang out with them on weekends and stop by their rooms to chat or collaborate on homework. The best friendships I have ever had I made in the MSOE residence halls.”

Hear what Seth had to say at graduation. He was chosen as the class respondent.


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