Kimberly Fritz

Biomedical Engineering
Class of 2014

“Going to Lille was an amazing opportunity. I met some amazing people and I really enjoyed the fact that it was a month long. I was also able to complete two of my HU/SS electives while there.”

For biomedical engineering major Kimberly Fritz, studying abroad in Lille, France not only opened her eyes to a new culture and experience, it also broadened her career opportunities after graduation. Kimberly (pictured on the left with MIS alumna Rina Thakkar ’13), was the recipient of a scholarship from Saint-Gobain, which helped to cover the costs of the trip and also included a summer internship experience at their manufacturing facility in Portage, Wis. “I was really lucky and was selected as a Saint-Gobain scholarship and intern recipient before I left. This was a huge relief because it saved me a lot of money on my trip and I then had an internship lined up for the next summer. The internship was a real eye opener. I had never considered working in manufacturing before this internship, and now it’s what I’m looking for when I graduate.”

The month-long study abroad experience in Lille is a great opportunity for MSOE students because it’s open to all majors. “I really liked the fact that the Lille program was only one month long. I have never traveled outside of the country before so this was the perfect amount of time away for me. I also really liked the fact that I got to travel every weekend and I got credit for two classes while I was there,” said Kimberly.

Kimberly enjoys the support she receives as an MSOE student. “I really like the small class sizes at MSOE. All of my teachers know me by name and most have been there since the start of my freshman year. I really appreciate the opportunities that MSOE offers. I have always felt like MSOE was there to help, from scholarships and internships, to finding a job after college.”

She encourages everyone to consider the Lille program. “I would encourage students considering the Lille program to do it because you can’t put a price on life experiences. This program is also nice if your major doesn’t have its own study abroad option since it takes place over summer.”

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