• Dorm Assignments

    Does anyone know when we get our dorm room's and roommates? I've been very impatient to know who I'll be rooming with.
    Riya Chaudhari
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  • ACT and GPA

    My ACT composite score isn't as high as I would like it to be but my math score is a 28. My GPA is also a 3.5. If I cant get my composite to go up will the admissions counselors overlook my composite because my GPA an...
    Akshay Verma
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  • How do I change my login password?

    Does anyone know how to change your account information? Specifically, your login password? I have been unable to find how/where to do this.
    Brian Melcher
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  • Submitting my application

    II'm trying to submit an application, but it keeps telling me to confirm my first name even though I already did and it exactly matches my name entered in step 1. Seriously frustrated, please help.
    Jamie Kasten
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  • Senior Design 2014 Videos

    Anti-Cancer Drug Delivery Systems Using Natural Products Ex0tic C0ntr011er Team ELO Coffee Bean Husker A New Economical Cord Blood Storage Method SWAVdj MillerCoors Project World Bic...
    Digital Marketing
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  • Online Graduate Degrees and New Graduate Degrees Update

    Greetings MSOE alumni!   In the fall of 2013 we informed the MSOE Community about our plan to have online graduate degrees. MSOE is now offering the following graduate degrees this fall with a 100% online option:...
    Frederick Berry
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  • The NEWaukee Night Market

      "NEWaukee’s Night Market is a collision of all Milwaukee has to offer. The Night Market is a free open-air market that offers a wide variety of experiences for people of all backgrounds and ages. The Nigh...
    Student Activities
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  • FREE Tickets to see a pre-screening of The Purge: Anarchy!!

    Pick up a Free movie ticket at the CCID to see The Purge: Anarchy   When: Wednesday, July 9, 2014   Where: Marcus Majestic Cinema 770 North Springdale Road Waukesha, WI  53186 (Transportation not...
    Student Activities
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  • Laptop

    Does anyone know what exact kind of laptop we are getting. I know it's a hp but what model so I can buy the stuff I want to get for it.
    Nicholas Jarolimek
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  • Indecision Rocks the Johnson Control Stage at Summerfest 2014 with incoming Freshman Ethan Brew!

    Sean Ali
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  • Credit Transfer

    Hello,   I am interested in transferring to MSOE for mechanical engineering. I have completed year one of a Mechanical engineering program in a university in my country and I would like to know the procedure for...
    Shakoor Dahlan
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  • Video of Indecision at Summerfest!

    Last Thursday, I traveled with some other student workers to Summerfest to watch Ethan Brew, a student that will be attending MSOE this fall, perform with his band, Indecision. They were SO great. Check out the short ...
    Kayla Grogan
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  • Indecision @ Summerfest 2014

    A group of students from MSOE went to Summerfest on July 3rd to go watch and support new incoming freshman Ethan Brew and his band Indecision. It was an amazing concert! Indecision played many great songs such as Suga...
    Student Activities
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  • Lakefront Fireworks (7/3/2014)

    Don't Miss Out on the BEAUTIFUL Milwaukee Fireworks Display located on the lakefront at Veterans Park! The fireworks display starts at 9:30 PM (7/3), but plan to arrive early for a day of fun-filled events! Family fe...
    Student Activities
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  • AutoCAD Licenses

    I have been trying for a few months now and I cannot connect to AutoCAD.  I have the Global Protect working but it keeps asking for a licenses number.  What can I do to get it to work since I am not in the S...
    Jill Vande Boom
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  • Indecision at Summerfest (7/3/2014)

    Join us over at Student Activities tomorrow (7/3) to go watch our fellow incoming MSOE student, Ethan Brew (with his band, Indecision) play at Summerfest! We will be meeting at the Student Life Office (CC 3rd Floor) a...
    Student Activities
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  • How do I setup my email on an Android????

    How do I setup my email on an Android?????????
    Jeffrey Taylor
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  • SAT required?

    Hey, I'm a prospective student and was wondering if the SAT is required upon application, or if the ACT is acceptable as a replacement. Any information would be greatly appreciated!
    Hailey Butler
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  • How do I know who my admissions counselor is?

    I was just wondering who my admissions counselor is because I have a few questions regarding my application.
    Katelyn Reuter
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  • Summer Programs

    The following people need to change there HUB profile picture and avatar: Mike Devon Jess Kasey   Hop on it folks
    Haley Anderson
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