• How to generate personalized clinical requirements?

    I tried using the portal on my.msoe to generate personal clinical requirements (pdf reports > My Clinical Requirements - Students), but it only seems to send me to the main page. There's no downloadable file and no...
    Devin Heck
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  • Autistic student aid

    I was wondering what kind of support, if any there is for autistic students, such as myself.
    Zachary Davies
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  • MSOE InterVarsity Calendar

    There is an MSOE InterVarsity google calendar. If you want to add all chapter events into your calendar easily, this is the way to go.   MSOE InterVarsity Calendar       iCal - https://www.google...
    Eric Pedersen
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  • Is there a school supplies list?

    As a student for the past 12 years I have always had the privilege of my parents purchasing my school supplies for me. As of now it is my responsibility... So my question to you all is what will I need? I have the bas...
    Tarif Garrett
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  • Student Emails

    Hello all- I just received an email advising me to be checking my student email at msoe.edu. I cannot figure out how to access this email. I have no idea what my username/password would be, but I feel like I should ...
    Hailey Butler
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  • Publication by Nursing Student (now RN)

    Please see this link to NursingMatters, a newsletter send to all RNs in the state of WI. One of our May graduates, Carly Ademi has an article. See page 11, Title is "The Finish Line."   http://issuu.com/madisond...
    Jane Paige
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  • 4th cohort of accelerated second degree nursing students

    The 4th cohort of accelerated second degree students seeking a BSN start in Fall 2015 at MSOE. We are looking forward to this next group of students. For those accepted students, there will be an orientation day prior...
    Jane Paige
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  • BSN - Accelerated Second Degree Nursing Students

    Our fourth and largest cohort of second-degree nursing students will start Fall 2015. For this group of students an orientation day to become acclimated to MSOE is scheduled for Tuesday 9/1/15. Students are to order t...
    Jane Paige
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  • Parent/student orientation - Fall incoming undergraduates  ??  dates

    What days are set for orientation and move in dates for new students.  As a parent I am trying to schedule time off of work
    Lynn Grant
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  • 2 Minutes of Payne: Special Edition

    Were you too busy during finals week to catch the latest 2 Minutes of Payne? Check it out now!   View on YouTube
    Kelsey Uuskallio
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  • FREE Movie: "Trainwreck" (Tue., July 14 - tickets in Student Life)

    Have some summer fun.  Why not invite a friend to a FREE movie…   Universal Pictures invites you to pick up a pass good for 2 tickets to a FREE screening of the new film:   TRAINWRECK Tuesday, 14...
    Student Activities
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  • MSOE life

    What are people like at MSOE? Are the environment super competitive or is it more like a community of peers who help each other?
    Yhiedania Santiago
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  • MSOE email

    Hello,   I am an incoming transfer student and I was just wondering if anybody could guide me on how to set up myMSOE account and MSOE email account.   Thanks,   Jill
    Jill Buzick
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  • What is the recommended calculator?

    Wondering if I should get a new calculator for a computer engineering degree or not. And if so what calculator are the teachers recommending to the students. TI-89?
    Adam Haarth
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  • Laptops

    I have heard and seen from multiple people that the laptops at MSOE that are currently given out are inadequate to run programs for classes or anything really that is needed. Should I expect to have to buy new RAM mod...
    Tyler Roberson
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  • Tranfer

    I am a transfer student from India in the stream of Biomedical engineering. I had a question regarding transfer, many of my college are transferring to MSOE (But different branches) , I wanted to ask does the same&nb...
    Shravanthi B S
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  • Online Graduate Degrees

    MSOE plans to have three 100% online graduate degrees by the Fall of 2014. These degrees are,   M.S. in Engineering (MSE) M.S. In Engineering Management (MSEM) MBA in Organization   Thoughts?   Fre...
    Frederick Berry
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  • Got questions about Architectural Engineering? (It is NOT Architecture...)

    Hey gang!   Do you have questions about the Architectural Engineering program?  Confused about the difference between AE and Architecture?  Or maybe the difference between AE and Civil Engineering or C...
    Blake Wentz
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  • Course Catalog

    I was wondering if someone could direct me to the  2015-2016 Course Catalog on the msoe.edu website?   Thank you
    Robert Murray
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  • $1200 laptop with only 4GB RAM?

    My freshman son informed me that the $1200 laptop the school issued which we paid for has only 4GB of RAM - making it almost unusable.  (the operating system usually starts out with 2GB leaving only 2GB for apps,...
    Patrick Campbell
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