• 2 Minutes of Payne: What Senior Business Students Say

    Season 2: Things Business Students, Faculty, and Staff Say at MSOE. We are starting off the second season of 2 Minutes of Payne with what MSOE business underclassman think MSOE business seniors say. Have anything to ...
    Kelsey Uuskallio
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  • Undergraduate Admissions

    Is it a good idea to send letters of recommendation with your college application to MSOE?
    Amanda Ferr
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  • Looking for an apartment?

    Newly remodeled apartment available November 1st through April 30th!!! One Bedroom, One Bathroom Stainless Steal Appliances Laundry On Site Parking Available Heat Included! 2 Blocks from Lakefront 2 Block...
    Angie Degner
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  • FREE MOVIE TICKETS: "Crimson Peak" (Tue., Oct. 13 @7:30pm Mayfair)

    Invite a friend to a FREE scary movie from the Director of PAN’S LABYRINTH…   Universal Pictures invites you to pick up a pass good for 2 tickets to a FREE screening of the new film:   CRIMSON...
    Student Activities
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  • How should we advertise events?

    We know just as well as every other student that on a daily basis we get A LOT of emails.   Now, this is usually the best way to get in contact with everyone, but when we talked to some people they said they ha...
    Sam Voss
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  • Convergint Development Program

    Convergint Technologies is looking forward to visiting MSOE to meet with some student organizations. We are recruiting candidates for our Convergint Development Program. Please visit www.convergint.com/careers for mor...
    Ryan Marshall
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  • Heads up to fellow vets.

    As some of you may know, we didn't attend school for a full month in September, so if you are using the post 9/11 GI bill you can expect about 75% of what you would normally get. Or at least that's what I received the...
    Joshua Walling
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  • $400 / 161ft2 - Wonderful Apartment Room Directly at MSOE (1305 N Milwaukee St)

    Hey everybody, I got the opportunity to move together with my girlfriend and who can say no to that! Therefore I am leaving my current apartment. In the apartment are also other guys living you share the rent with. ...
    Constantin Magos
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  • Welcome, HKN students!

    Hi,   I was active in HKN in grad school at Purdue.  That chapter had a lot of exciting things they did for the department and the community.  If you would like some ideas for what to do as a chapter, ...
    Josiah Yoder
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  • where is MSOE located?

    Where is MSOE located?
    lezeric jeffries
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  • Is there badminton this week?

    Sadly, no play on Friday until October 23rd. We do have the courts on Sunday, October 18th and the 25th from 5 to 8 pm.
    Pam Gorzalski
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  • Partner to share the accommodation

    Hi, I am looking for someone who can share 1 bed room apartment in Knapp st. Contact me on 312-934-3402..       Thanks..Judah Balli
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  • Off Campus Housing

    Unfortunately I had an unexpected change in my living arrangements for this year, so I'm in desperate need of a place to stay during school (atleast until Jan 2016). If anyone knows of a room for rent, or needs a room...
    Caleb Schmitt
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  • Interest in Game Hackathon in October

    I was wondering if this group would be interested in an event such as the Great Lakes Great Games Hackathon? It is targeted to Global Climate change, but leveraging software and game development.   Further info ...
    Chaning Ogden
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  • Join SGA Meetings Every Monday!

    STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION We are here to help you! Like us on Facebook Join Us! Meetings are held every Monday at 1pm in the Alumni Partnership Center Helpful Links Need funding? Here are the guidelines for req...
    Kelsey Uuskallio
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    2 tickets for sale section 433 for friday september 23 7pm...$75 each
    Cody Ganchar
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  • 2 Garth Brooks Tickets 9/25 $75 each

    I have two garth brooks tickets for sale at $75 each which is face value.  Tickets are for this friday the 25th at 7pm.
    Cody Ganchar
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  • Johnson Controls Career Fair - Next Wednesday

    Wednesday, September 30, 2015 4 - 7 p.m. Johnson Controls Lab - Science Building   Johnson Controls will be presenting the different types of engineering fields that are available at JCI.  They are lookin...
    Vivian Mickelson
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  • Join our weekly meetings!

    Interested in Video Game Development? Join our weekly meetings - every Monday at 1pm in CC44!   Keep up with us better on our Facebook page: MSOE Game Dev Club or Twitter: MSOE Game Dev Club (@msoegamedevcrew) ...
    Lyzzi Brooks
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    Would you like to make a significant contribution to the Milwaukee community this school year?   You can do it right here on campus!! Donate blood this month and save a life. Click the following link to see jus...
    Michael Prochaska
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