• BLS for Healthcare Providers Class

    I was wondering if anyone knew of a BLS for Healthcare Providers class that can be done near campus?
    Patrycja Kolodziej
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  • Wisconsin State Fair - July 31st to August 10th

    The Wisconsin State Fair is right around the corner!   From July 31st to August 10th the Wisconsin State Fair Park   Come see the Golden Spork Awards and taste some great food!   Or watch the livestoc...
    Student Activities
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  • $1,500 Scholarship ONLY for MSOE Vets

    (Expand the discussion to click on the links)   There is no GPA or Major requirement for the Rick & Josh Kemp Memorial Scholarship that the Financial Aid Office is promoting. Students must be sophomores, jun...
    Amanda Wysk
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  • Did you know that MSOE offers Three Degrees and Two International Experiences??

    Are you interested in  International Business?    Are you interested in Marketing and Export Management ? How about studying in Germany for a year or participating in  Doing Business with Chin...
    Josiebel Sambolin
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  • Send both ACT and SAT

    Would sending both of my scores be better?   I took bot ACT (30; 34 math)  and SAT (somewhere in the 1300s; 660 in math). My ACT was a better score when converted into SAT.   I don't want to waste the...
    Jenna Sgarlata
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  • Why is the IT department so impossible to reach.........

    Now do me a favor. Hit the search bar on this page and type IT. What comes up? Nothing. Yes so awesome! Now type IT: Information technology. Oh look there exists a page. Now just for fun, as shown below just above the...
    Nathan Gray
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  • How to install follow-you-printing on a Non-Windows OS?

    I'm wondering if anyone knows how to configure the follow-you-print service on a non-Windows operating system, i.e. a Mac or Linux-based computer. I've been able to find the printer on the network, I just can't config...
    David Doyle
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  • Buy a car

    Looking for first car for my 17 years old son. Best car is inexpensive, 1.8-2.5 Liter, 4 doors. Looking to hear from you
    Medhat Khalil
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  • Looking for a Contact in Transfer Admissions

    I am a prospective accelerated nursing student looking to get my transcripts looked at so I know what pre-reqs I need to finish. I used the transfer manual and some of the classes I've take were listed but not all. Is...
    Tanya Bueter
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  • Are you interested in AEI?

    I hope everyone's summer has been going well! My name is Brittany Vitkovich and I am the Vice President of MSOE's chapter of the Architectural Engineering Institute (AEI). First and foremost, you do not have to be an ...
    Brittany Vitkovich
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  • Brady Street Festival!

    Brady Street FestivalSaturday, July 26th, 2014 from 11am to midnight!"Brady Street will be rockin' the night and day away with 4 stages packed with live entertainment, including some of our fav local bands. Besides t...
    Student Activities
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  • Presidential Scholarship Application

    When is it necessary to apply for a presidential scholarship? What kind of things are needed to apply? (Recommendations, transcripts, etc.)
    Rachel Ziemba
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  • Who is excited for the school year to begin?

    I personally cannot wait for the school year to start again, mainly I because then all my friends will be back.
    Alexander Vandergriff
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  • Did you go to the Pleasant Prairie Outlet Mall?

    Please, tell us about your experience and provide feedback on future activities for ESL-Students
    Josiebel Sambolin
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  • Is there a recommended laptop + software for freshman?

    I was wondering if MSOE recommends having a specific kind of lap top? I'm going to buy one this week and I don't know much about the differences in brands, memory, or software / programs.
    Angela Beling
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  • Loft Questions

    Are we allowed to buy our own lofts? I thought we had to rent them from college products? Or is it just that students can't build their own lofts anymore?
    Stephanie Bowden
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  • How often do you listen to WMSE?

    How often do you listen to MSOE's very own radio station, WMSE? 91.7 FM   WMSE plays all kinds of music! Alternative Jazz Electronic Country Metal and more!   Listen in every Tuesday from 6pm to 7pm to hear...
    Travis Pothen
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  • Wisconsin Wars Finals 2014

    ★ WISCONSIN STATEWIDE BREAKDANCE and ALL STYLES TOURNAMENT ★ JULY 26th, 2014 Milwaukee School of Engineering Kern Center 2:00pm: 2vs2 BBoy Preliminary Rounds 6:00pm: Main Show | Finals - Top 1vs1 ALL Styles Show...
    Student Activities
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  • how to get MSOE Email?

    Hi all, I was wondering how to set up my MSOE email account so that i can register for classes? thank you for your help! Logan
    Logan Orr
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  • Add your name to our contact list for future opportunities!

    Hello MSOE Students!        We would like for you to join our contact list for small projects that we are working on and may need your expertise in some areas. This opportunity is cool becau...
    Gerald Williamson_Sr
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