• Terminate Account

    I'm having difficulty finding a link to terminate my account. Can anyone help me out?
    Robyn Haskey
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  • Admission requirements

    Ok so I realky want to go to msoe, but i am so close to being able to reach the admissions requirements. I got a 21 on my act and a 500 on the math part of my sat. Im close to a 3.0 but I had a bad year last year so m...
    Erik Wirtz
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  • Got questions about Architectural Engineering? (It is NOT Architecture...)

    Hey gang!   Do you have questions about the Architectural Engineering program?  Confused about the difference between AE and Architecture?  Or maybe the difference between AE and Civil Engineering or C...
    Blake Wentz
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  • Support Group for Students with ADD Resumes Dec 1 at 1-1:50 in K-230

    Free Support Group for Students with ADD/ADHD Returning on Monday, December 1 at 1 - 1:50 P.M. In K-230 (Counseling Services Conference Room) Group Facilitator:  Jessica Suhr (Counseling Services) The goal is to ...
    Jessica Suhr
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  • Free Support Group for Students with ADD resumes Dec 1 at 1-1:50 in K-230

    Free Support Group for Students with ADD/ADHD Returning on Monday, December 1 at 1 - 1:50 P.M. In K-230 (Counseling Services Conference Room) Group Facilitator:  Jessica Suhr (Counseling Services) The goal is to ...
    Jessica Suhr
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  • my.msoe.edu

    Why can't I access my.msoe.edu? I get a screen saying   "Server Error in '/ICS' Application."   Help!! I'd like to check my grades
    Kasey Mylin
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  • $1200 laptop with only 4GB RAM?

    My freshman son informed me that the $1200 laptop the school issued which we paid for has only 4GB of RAM - making it almost unusable.  (the operating system usually starts out with 2GB leaving only 2GB for apps,...
    Patrick Campbell
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  • How to install follow-you-printing on a Non-Windows OS?

    I'm wondering if anyone knows how to configure the follow-you-print service on a non-Windows operating system, i.e. a Mac or Linux-based computer. I've been able to find the printer on the network, I just can't config...
    David Doyle
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  • Problem in filling Application Form

    My full Given name is "MUHAMMAD MAAB ALI". I'm an prospective international Student. However, when i write my name in the application form, it is shortened to "MUHAMMAD MAAB A" due to the character limit. Similar is t...
    Muhammad Maab Ali Khan
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  • Playstation Vita Wifi for 60$

    Playstation Vita Wifi for 60$, contact me if you are interest. My email address is wintop6211@gmail.com
    Tian Tuo You
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  • IEEE Xplore Sign In

    Hello,   I was wondering if someone could please tell me the institutional username and password so I can access IEEE articles while off campus.   Thank you, Stephanie
    Stephanie Lynn
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  • Thank You from Rockwell Collins!

    MSOE Veterans: Thank you so much for attending the MSOE Veterans Luncheon Monday, November 10, and for inviting Rockwell Collins to be a part of the event.  We had a great turn out! We're excited to see your org...
    Tera Edmunds
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  • Personal Visit Registration

    Hi, im a prospective transfer student currently in an A.A.S. electrical engineering program at a community college. The Personal Visit Registration site seems to be broken, says a field is incomplete no matter what I ...
    Joshua Styx
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  • Brighten up your space with a Poinsettia!

    The Frank Lloyd Wright Middle School Orchestra is selling red, white, and pink poinsettias to raise money for Summer Music Scholarships and Community Outreach Concerts. Poinsettias are only $11 each and go a long...
    Sarah Rowell
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  • Nutrition for Studying...What do you eat to perform well on tests?

    When I was in college, on exam days, I had a morning ritual. I always woke up at least two hours before a test. I would slam a glass of water, shower and take a slow walk to the cafeteria across campus. It was like a ...
    Kelly Flemming
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  • advice needed (MSOE freshman undergrad applicant)

    Dear reader,                  I am a senior in high school right now. I just moved from India this year and i'm unaware of the american ...
    Cherub Ravoori
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  • ACT Scores

    If I selected MSOE as one of the places to receive my ACT scores when I registered for the ACT exam, do I need to do anything else to get them submitted as part of the Application Process? How soon after the test sco...
    Cameron Sauve
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  • 2BR/2BA Condo for Rent - 1108 N Milwaukee Street

    Two bedroom/two bathroom condo for rent across the street from MSOE.   Available starting January, 1st 2015 with the option to move in as early as December, 29th 2014   Please email Tyler at tylermke@gmail...
    Tyler Fabian
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  • Relax Before Finals with SWE!

    Gerald Soriano
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  • Veterans Day 2014 Specials

    Each year on Veterans Day, various businesses, restaurants and companies give out deals to those who have served. While I believe this is not nearly enough for you all, I have included a few links below for your use. ...
    Lena Scheibengraber
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