• Can  you please help answer a couple of questions?

    Can you please help me with my homework? There are just two quick questions I am supposed to get feedback on.    Group 1: If you DO use The Walter Schroeder Library: 1- What does our library not offer or ...
    Sarah Rowell
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  • Disc Golf baskets

    Thank you to the members of the MSOE Disc Golf Club (and Facilities and Grounds Keeping)  for their efforts in putting two practice baskets on the MSOE Athletic Field (on the Northeast corner of State and Milwauk...
    Nick Seidler
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  • Password issue - Germany

    Hello! I am currently living in Lübeck, Germany, through the school's exchange program, and am having trouble changing my password. It will expire in two days, and I have been trying to change it through pwd.ms...
  • Are there any other scholarships/grants available?

    I am looking for places to apply to receive aid for the final expense for MSOE, or I will not be able to attend. Any ideas? Thank you greatly!
    Tarif Garrett
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  • CE Double Major

    I recently applied to the Computer Engineering program and I was wondering if I could double major in Computer & Software Engineering or double major in Computer & Electrical Engineering?   Matt Anderson
    Matthew Anderson
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  • $1200 laptop with only 4GB RAM?

    My freshman son informed me that the $1200 laptop the school issued which we paid for has only 4GB of RAM - making it almost unusable.  (the operating system usually starts out with 2GB leaving only 2GB for apps,...
    Patrick Campbell
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  • SWE Membership Renewal

    Renew your SWE Membership Today!! Renewal is free for C2C (College-to-Career members). You must renew by June 30th to stay a National Member! Instructions are posted on SWE's Hub page to help you renew!   http...
    Gerald Soriano
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  • House for Rent end of June

    whole house for rent 2 bedroom, two blocks from MSOE. 412 E Lyon Street  Lots of privacy, and own private yard.  Fridge and Stove, no washer or Dryer.  Gas and electric NOT Included, NO PETS.  ...
    Anthony Bauer
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  • House of rent

    whole house for rent available June 1st 2014  four blocks from MSOE.  2 bedrooms, yard, fridge and stove.  $800 plus security no pets.  Parking on the street.  call 414-248-2882 or email crbv4...
    carol bauer
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  • Can you put EECS indepedent study on registrar's page?

    This page: Space: Registrar | Milwaukee School of Engineering Should include this page: EECS Independent Study Request Form Who should I forward this request to? Thanks, Josiah
    Josiah Yoder
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  • When Do I begin the Aleks Portion of Carter Academy?

    I was doing some research into Carter Academy and found that there is a six week online portion. I was wondering when or where do we get access to the Aleks Program?
    Tarif Garrett
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  • BLS/CPR class

    Does anyone know specifically how I can sign up for the BLS/CPR certification class being held at MSOE at the end of May?
    Hayley Dotson
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  • Interested in Undergraduate Research?

    Join us Friday, May 15th at 12pm on the 3rd floor of the CC Building for our 3rd Annual Project Symposium!   Students currently participating in the Undergraduate Research Program will be presenting their techni...
    EECS Department
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  • Student Leadership Awards 2015

    Congratulations to all of the winners and nominees of the MSOE Student Leadership Awards…   ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...
    Student Activities
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  • Does anyone know why the library parking lot (Lot A) is filled up with orange cones blocking off parking spaces?

    I don't remember any announcement that the library parking lot was going to be closed off today or receiving any warning indicating that those who usually park in Lot A may need to look elsewhere for parking. Does any...
    Sarah Rowell
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  • Registration help

    Am trying to apply for admission but the system is messing up. I will appreciate any comment. Thanks
    Susan Ojebode
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  • SWE Meeting this Friday! 5/8

    Gerald Soriano
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  • required GPA for international transfer students to get admit.

    what is the required GPA for international graduate students for transferring to MSOE, who are currently pursuing masters in some other university in USA.           &...
    hasan mustafa syed
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  • Network node for the MLH repeater

    I have been talking with some of the higher ups in IT to try and get us a network node in the repeater cage on MLH 13. There was a positive response from IT staff and its looking like we may in fact get the hook up. I...
    cameron wilson
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  • Who's still looking for a roomate?

    I recently decided on living on campus, but I can't find any discussion pages to meet potential roommates. Any pages that I could join would help greatly!
    Joe Drees
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