• Piano?

    Is there a piano on campus that students can play?
    m bruemprest
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  • Random Stuff

    I've got some random stuff I'm trying to get rid of. I'm trying to get rid of things more than make money so give me a reasonable offer if something seems interesting to you. I have an Army rucksack that I bought at ...
    Donnie Bogle
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  • How do I log on to my MSOE email?

    I'm having a lot of trouble logging onto my email. I know my e-mail address, but not my password. I also don't know how to find the log in page. I found it once through a link on the hub but I haven't been able to fin...
    Angela Beling
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  • Intramurals

    Can somebody who is involved in an intramural sport give me some information about the various intramural sports? I am familiar with the information presented on the MSOE website, but can more information be given suc...
    Kiean Gill
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  • Changing my major

    Hey everyone , I wanted to ask if I started in a major and then I decided to change my major, is that possible? and what are the requirements..?
    Hadeel Wafa
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  • for ICAS students

    I'm currently studying in ICAS course offered by manipal university. I'm highly interested in joining MSOE just after the second semester. I just wanted to know if it is possible and if yes then what are  the min...
    Anshul Shresth
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  • Commuter Lockers

       Is it possible for commuters to get a locker on campus for books and/or gym clothes?
    mark dunston
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  • Honors?

    So my younger son who will be attending MSOE this Fall as a freshman will be in the Honors Program.  What exactly does this mean? - See more at: http://www.msoe.edu/activity#sthash.oVrN5q6o.dpuf
    Bridget Runner
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  • Junior laptop exchange

    As juniors, when and where can we exchange our laptops?
  • Meeting Time for Fall Quarter

    It's time to start thinking about when we are going to be meeting this quarter! To help us figure out the best meeting time please fill out the  WhenIsGood: ASEE Meeting Time.       Tha...
    Kasey Mylin
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  • Heath exam?

    I am stumped over the health form's section physical exam/assessment. In this portion, it talks about activities relating to nursing education. Can someone clarify if a non-nursing student needs physical exam and a do...
    Tyler Begrow
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  • Muslim Student Association

    Does anyone know the Muslim Student Association managment? I'd like to find out more about MSA and what activities they do.
    Hamzah Mirza
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  • Commuter Student Info Packet Pickup

    Hey everyone. There was a Commuter Student Orientation session scheduled for Welcome Week. That event has been changed.   Now, there will be an ongoing event from 12pm-5pm on August 30th and August 31st in the T...
    Student Activities
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  • Looking for a cheaper DSLR, oppinions?

    I'm looking to get a DSLR and I'm not sure what direction I want to go. I have a few OLD Nikon film lenses and film cameras but for the right price could switch to cannon. The main factor is the price. What are you gu...
    John Krenzer
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  • AAS-EET to BSEE Transfer Plan

    I still have a few semesters left in my Electrical Engineering Technology program, my question is can I take the 3 quarter sequence of Physics at MSOE or is it mandatory that I take at least the first class in order t...
    Matthew Anderson
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  • Student Parking

    I heard recently that MSOE will not be permitting students to acquire parking passes  for the Broadway Lot across from the CC building as well as Lot A next to the library. If anything it would mean more money fo...
    Donald Michna
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  • Calling all musicians

    Incoming freshman:    You are about to move into campus for the first time.  But, before you pack your bags, I want to remind you of one important thing: bring an instrument if you plan an instrument....
    Walter Schilling
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  • How do I install my MSOE email on my iphone?

    I am trying to install my MSOE email account on my iphone 5 without success.  HELP!
    Gina Vogt
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  • events - "more like this"

    When looking at an event page it would be nice if in the "More Like This" area it didn't show old events that happened a year previously. There are lots of events with the same name that happen every year. That could ...
    Eric Pedersen
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  • act sat

    21 years old was in the army now I work in a cast iron foundry and I've never taken either will I have to? 1
    alexander hansen
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