• Junior laptop exchange

    As juniors, when and where can we exchange our laptops?
  • hellooo every won,am a prospective student who want to no more about  life in msoe can anybody tell me?

    Helloooooo everywon i want to no more about life in msoe,can some won tell me.my name is joseph a prospective student.
    Folusho joseph Oniyo
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  • recent campus visit (Senior Day)

    My son and I recently visited the campus for Senior Day and he is very interested in applying to MSOE.   He is currently a Senior in High School.   How soon do we need to send in the application? ...
    Lynn Grant
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  • How to install follow-you-printing on a Non-Windows OS?

    I'm wondering if anyone knows how to configure the follow-you-print service on a non-Windows operating system, i.e. a Mac or Linux-based computer. I've been able to find the printer on the network, I just can't config...
    David Doyle
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  • 2014-15 School Year

    I am psyched for this upcoming school year. It is going to be awesome. I just know it.
    Robert Uehara
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  • Commuter for 3 years

    I'm a senior this year and I've commuted to school for every year. I've been able to stay active on campus and get to know a lot of people.   I'm helping with the presentation for commuter students.  I want...
    Jonathan Kuderer
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  • Milwaukee Comedy

    Milwaukee is filled with events and things to do. Sometimes you just have to dig a little to find them. Last year I was introduced to the comedy scene and there's stand up and sketch shows happening all the time. Pric...
    Jonathan Kuderer
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  • RIP Sales List?

    I've heard rumors that the sales and book lists are dead... Is this true? Did they migrate onto the HUB? I have lots of **** (books) that I need to get rid of.
    Donnie Bogle
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  • Random Stuff

    I've got some random stuff I'm trying to get rid of. I'm trying to get rid of things more than make money so give me a reasonable offer if something seems interesting to you.   I have an Army rucksack that I bou...
    Donnie Bogle
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  • FS-BOOK: Fundamentals of Thermal-Fluid Sciences

    Fundamentals of Thermal-Fluid Sciences, Fourth Edition. Was only used for ~10 Weeks.Like new condition. I used it for ME-354 but it may be used in other classes.   Here is the amazon link: http://www.amazon.com/...
    John Krenzer
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    Hey y'all,   I'm getting rid of a lot of books. I just want to get rid of them... So if you can't swing the price listed, let me know a (reasonable) price that you can swing and hopefully we can work something o...
    Donnie Bogle
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  • Midwest comm connection class Sept 13-14

    I thought I would post this here in case anyone is interested. This is a class in September that will focus on communications during a time of crisis. I signed up for it hoping to learn more about antenna design, qrp ...
    Jake Kremer
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  • ATM at MSOE

    Is there an ATM on the MSOE campus?  If so, what bank is it associated with?  If there isn't an ATM, what bank ATM's are near MSOE?
    Debbie LoCurto
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  • Meal Plans

    I was wondering what I had to do to buy a meal plan before getting my card during move in week
    Megan Fugitt
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  • Summer leisure reading: Have you read a good book lately?

    Have you read anything good this summer? Perhaps something you'd recommend to others? We'd love to hear about the books you love to read.
    Walter Schroeder Library
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  • Irish Fest - August 14th -17th - Henry W. Maier Festival Park

    Come one, Come all! Irish Fest begins tomorrow!   August 14th - 17th at the Henry W. Maier festival Park   Come watch the Baking Contest on August 16th, at 12:30pm   Or Or watch children 7 yrs and youn...
    Student Activities
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  • Accelerated Nursing Students!

    New and current Accelerated Nursing students! Like the Facebook page to be in touch with fellow students, start a discussion, find a carpool or start a study group! The goal is to get 25 likes by the time classes star...
    Patrycja Kolodziej
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  • Prototype Request

    Greetings,   I have been referred to MSOE regarding obtaining a working prototype for an invention. Please advise of requirements and whom to forward them to.   Thank you and best regards,   Joni ...
    janitha Jackson
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  • Biking to class

    Does anyone who lives off-campus use or plan to use a bicycle as their primary method of getting to class? I'm trying to decide if it's a feasible option for my commute, at least on days with fair weather (I live abou...
    Matthew Czaplewski
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  • How does one mark a question as correct on the Hub

    I was attempting to mark an answer as correct and couldn't figure out how. Do you have to be the originator of the post? Or am I just having a problem with figuring it out?
    John Krenzer
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