• Formula Hybrid team places fourth in world

    MSOE’s Formula Hybrid team took fourth place in the world at the Formula Hybrid Competition and first place in the United States. The competition was held in May at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway in Louden, N....
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  • Struggling to get a schedule?

    If you are struggling to get a working schedule for the fall quarter (i.e.: you’ve tried several times to rearrange your schedule to use open sections of classes, but have not been successful), you can petition ...
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  • Welcome to Professional Education at MSOE

    Hello, my name is Andreana Moody and I am the Graduate and Professional Education Associate at MSOE. I handle inquiries about professional education courses , schedule events, seminars and professional education cours...
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  • Add funds to Raider Plan;  check balance; mark card lost

    The CSVT machine across from the Bookstore is down. If you need to add funds or check your balance you can use GETfunds. Q&A: Can I check my Raider Plan balance at any time? At the time of each transaction or p...
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  • Monday Mouthfuls with Kelly: An Introduction to Linking

    Some English as a Second Language students demand to learn how to pronounce every word "perfectly," but it is extremely difficult if not impossible. Many students think that in order to speak every word perfectly, eve...
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  • Monday Mouthfuls: Helpful Pronunciation Websites

    Good afternoon, English as a Second Language students! There are many websites that can help you practice your pronunciation. Today, I'm going to feature two websites that you should check out if you want to brush up ...
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  • Student Loan Repayment Presentation

    Hello Students!!   For those that were unable to attend our Student Loan Repayment presentation this past Wednesday we wanted to make the power point available.  Please use this as a resource as you enter r...
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  • MSOE recognizes student leaders

    Congratulations to the more than 60 Milwaukee School of Engineering students who were nominated for leadership awards this year. The following awards were presented at the annual President’s Student Leadership A...
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  • How To Work The Crowd-Even As An Introvert

    Another great etiquette tip from Culture and Manners Institute! I have a friend who is handsome, charming, successful, extremely intelligent, well read, well mannered… and he is terrified of social situations...
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  • Money Monday: April 13th, 2015

    It's certainly an exciting time of year. The weather is finally getting consistently warmer, summer break is about a month away, baseball is back, and of course festival season is beginning too! With so much fun in th...
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  • For Smart Engineers

    xkcd: Spinal Tap Amps
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  • Summer Address Update

    During the summer months, all mail will be sent to students at their legal/home/permanent address.   Please be sure to make any needed updates to your address before you leave for the summer. A Change of Add...
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  • Oshkosh Defense Tour

    A group of veteran students took a tour at Oshkosh Defense. They met with Test Engineering and Quality Assurance Engineering and discussed engineering challenges of large scale machines. They also took a ride in some ...
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  • Bi-Weekly Book Raffle: Masked

    The Walter Schroeder Library Presents: ​ Masked Edited By Lou Anders For the next bi-weekly book raffle! (3 copies will be raffled off.) A compendium of super hero short stories, Masked offers a variety of super prose...
  • Pronouncing Multisyllabic Words: Open and Closed Syllables

    English students are faced with learning how to divide unfamiliar multisyllabic words into syllables in order to pronounce them. One important pattern to learn is about closed and open syllables. The most frequent two...
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  • Why Waste Your Time?

    Why waste your time studying for an Amateur Radio License?  You can do anything with your smart phone that a licensed "ham" can do, right? I have had my license since 1953 so I do have some experience with the c...
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  • Metal for Mettle

    Exhibit featuring historic commemorative medals opening soon Small, splendid sculptural works from the late 19th and early 20th centuries soon will be on display at the Grohmann Museum. Metal for Mettle: Historic Com...
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  • Dr. Hermann Viets to deliver Last Lecture

      All are invited to hear Dr. Hermann Viets, president of MSOE, deliver his “Last Lecture” on Thursday, April 30 at 5:30 p.m. in the Kern Center, 1245 N. Broadway. The lecture also will be broadcast...
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  • Congratulations Tau Beta Pi Spring Initiates!

    Congratulations to all spring Tau Beta Pi Initiates!  Your accomplishments are great and we look forward to what you can bring to our organization!
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  • Don't Forget!-Fall Graduation Applications are due this Friday, May 1st!

    ATTENTION FALL GRADUATES!   If you are planning to graduate in FALL 2015 (the Fall Commencement ceremony will be held on Saturday, November 21st, 2015), your Graduation Application is due in the by Friday, May 1s...
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