• Accreditations

    The two major types of accreditation agencies in the United States are regional associations and professional associations. These associations are independent of the government, and are comprised of respected educator...
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  • Heath exam?

    I am stumped over the health form's section physical exam/assessment. In this portion, it talks about activities relating to nursing education. Can someone clarify if a non-nursing student needs physical exam and a do...
    Tyler Begrow
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  • Volleyball Superfan Tshirts

    The Women's Volleyball team is selling superfan tshirts for $10! The design is shown in the order form   If you are interested please fill out the attached form and give it to any volleyball player   Th...
    Kasey Mylin
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  • Inspirational Quote of the Day - J. K. Rowling

    "It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might has well not have lived at all, in which case you have failed by default." - J. K. Rowling
    Jessalynn Smith
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  • BioMolecular Engineering Overview

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  • PM Associate Certificate

    Learn the essential tools and techniques used by successful project managers around the world. Develop knowledge and skills that are applicable to any project in any industry. Register Now Project Management Associa...
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  • Muslim Student Association

    Does anyone know the Muslim Student Association managment? I'd like to find out more about MSA and what activities they do.
    Hamzah Mirza
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  • Commuter Student Info Packet Pickup

    Hey everyone. There was a Commuter Student Orientation session scheduled for Welcome Week. That event has been changed.   Now, there will be an ongoing event from 12pm-5pm on August 30th and August 31st in the T...
    Student Activities
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  • Looking for a cheaper DSLR, oppinions?

    I'm looking to get a DSLR and I'm not sure what direction I want to go. I have a few OLD Nikon film lenses and film cameras but for the right price could switch to cannon. The main factor is the price. What are you gu...
    John Krenzer
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  • Is it possible for the Skylight to be a bigger rip off?

    Andrew Moore
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  • Who is your favorite hero of the Justice League?

    Levi Hoskins
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  • What is your favorite season?

  • How many levels do you think you will reach on Hub?

    Zach Crouse
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  • Personal Assistant Needed

    We are interested in posting our Job Vacancies on your Job Board so interested candidates can benefit from it and gain more experience. Agile and Responsible Individual is needed to fill the Position of a Personal Ass...
    Cathlyn Ferraro
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  • CAECM Career Night

    Event details Thursday, Jan. 16, 2014 Time: 6 - 8:30 p.m. Place: Kern Center Registration for this event has closed Career Night events have provided exhibitors an opportunity to showcase their company, meet MSOE facu...
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  • Career Night Contacts

    If you have questions or comments regarding this event, please contact one of the following event organizers: Dr. Chris Raebel Civil and Architectural Engineering and Construction Management Department Career Night ...
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  • AAS-EET to BSEE Transfer Plan

    I still have a few semesters left in my Electrical Engineering Technology program, my question is can I take the 3 quarter sequence of Physics at MSOE or is it mandatory that I take at least the first class in order t...
    Matthew Anderson
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  • Student Parking

    I heard recently that MSOE will not be permitting students to acquire parking passes  for the Broadway Lot across from the CC building as well as Lot A next to the library. If anything it would mean more money fo...
    Donald Michna
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  • MSOE Graduate Program Learning Options

    Graduate program learning options
    Brittney Lynn
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  • Information Release Authorization for Transfer Students.pdf

    This form is for students who are transferring from another institution as part of an articulation agreement.  It allows both institutions to share academic information.
    Mary Nielsen
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