• The Daily Dean: The cortado

    My favorite coffee beverage is a cortado pored into a cappuccino ceramic mug. What's a cortado? It's espresso (maybe 2 shots) cut with a small amount of warm milk. The ratio is 1 to 2, and the milk is added after the ...
    David Howell
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  • Health and Wellness Fair: Take charge of your health

    MSOE's annual Health and Wellness Fair will be Thursday, May 1, from 1 to 5 p.m. in the Kern Center, 1245 N. Broadway. This free community event will include free or low-cost health screening tests, giveaways, heal...
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  • What's the difference between grammar, punctuation, and mechanics?

    Was I ever surprised to discover that lots of people want to know the answer!   A year and a half ago I noticed in the stats/analytics section of my personal blog (Katherine Wikoff | Ideas on creativity, innovat...
    Katherine Wikoff
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  • Spring Drop Deadline is 6pm on Monday, April 28th!!

    Drop Deadline     The deadline for dropping individual classes is Monday of the 8th week of the quarter.  For the spring quarter, the deadline is 6:00 pm on Monday, April 28th, 2014.  Drop forms...
    Nicole Toerpe
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  • The Daily Dean: The Snowman

    Why read poetry? Because unlike fiction, creative non-fiction or drama, poetry does not rely on human-to-human interaction. With a few rare exceptions (such as Hemingway's "Big Two-Hearted River"), poetry is about the...
    David Howell
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  • Weekly Jump Start: A Week Of No Excuses

    Did you know that this week at MSOE is "A week of no excuses?"  Sexual misconduct is an issue that affects many of us and can alter an individual's life forever.  To emphasize the importance of sexual miscon...
    Michelle Ghaffari-Nikou
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  • WSL Raffle - Week 5: Lighthouses of the Pacific Coast

    Explore the historic lighthouses of the Pacific Coast! “This lavishly illustrated book details the fascinating history of lighthouses in California, Oregon, and Washington.  Learn about the technological e...
    Walter Schroeder Library
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  • WSL Raffle - Week 6: Big Brilliant Book of Bart Simpson

    Our new raffle book Big Brilliant Book of Bart Simpson by Matt Groening. See what kinds of shenanigans Bart gets himself into! “Be among the best and the brightest with Bart Simpson’s brilliant new comic ...
  • The Daily Dean: Biking with my wife

    I love to bike, and I love my wife, so, I love biking with my wife. Yesterday, we rode down the Oak Leaf Trail to Disccovery World. On the way back, we had brunch at Simple Cafe.What a great way to spend a Sunday with...
    David Howell
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  • Meeting Tomorrow, (April 14)

    We will be meeting tomorrow to discuss our fundraiser, in-club tournaments, and sponsorships. Please attend if you can. If you cannot attend, please email me at grossk@msoe.edu so I can send you the information discus...
    Kevin Gross
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    The engineers over at Pi Towers have been working hard recently with everything from a new website to educational funds, and with this even brought a new development board specifically for use in large scale designs (...
    Sam Voss
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  • Future of IEEE of MSOE Blog

    Good afternoon everyone,   At the last chairperson meeting of the MSOE chapter of IEEE we were discussing how we could use the blog feature of the Hub to our advantage and a few things came to mind. The most pre...
    Sam Voss
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  • Weekly Wrap Up: How you can maximize your memory

    Do you know how memory works and how to maximize it?  Memory is a biological process of absorbing, storing, and accessing information.  In order to maximize your memory, you need to give your attention to th...
    Michelle Ghaffari-Nikou
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  • The Daily Dean: Student Satisfaction

    In the Student Life office, we talk a lot about student satisfaction. We work closely with students so we can best understand what they like about MSOE--as well as what we can improve about our university so we can th...
    David Howell
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  • "Art Shay: Working" opens May 16 at Grohmann Museum

    The Grohmann Museum’s newest exhibition opens Friday, May 16. Art Shay: Working will feature the legendary photographer’s images of work and the worker. Nihil sine magno labore (nothing without great labo...
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  • Career Net Strategy - Save Your Search!

    Did you know that Career Net will e-mail you when new jobs or internships are posted?  It will, but you have to "Save Your Search" in order to make it happen.  Here's how:   1) Log in at http://msoe.ex...
    Erik Oswald
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  • [Gerald's Journey] - Travelling to MSOE

    Hello all,   This will be the the first entry of my new blog Gerald's Journey. I will be talking about my journey from start to finish at MSOE. As of right now, I don't know how many entries I'll make but I hope...
    Gerald Soriano
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  • Acceptance Letter

    I feel so excited to part of MSOE community. I'm looking forward to meeting all of you in Fall quarter.
    Raed Alawfi
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  • Throwback Thursday - Roscoe Raider

    Happy Throwback Thursday, MSOE! In the true spirit of the Throwback Thursday trend, here is a picture of our beloved Roscoe Raider from 1993.  Much to the relief of Roscoe fans today, he is not sporting fluores...
    Lindsay Bastian
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  • The Daily Dean: Perspective

    I like to work on having an ongoing sense of perspective--that ability to see the big picture, to view the way things connect, to not get wrapped up in minutia. I believe that happiness is not a result of one's envir...
    David Howell
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