• List of Open House events

    Is there a concise list of all of the Open House dates for 2014-2015? I see individual calendar events, but I can't tell if I have found them all. It would be helpful to have one sheet.
    Emily Vogel
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  • Everyone's invited!  Greenheck Fan's mobile learning center on campus today, Tues Sept 9th!

    Greenheck Fan AirTour Learning Center – TODAY Tuesday, Sept 9th Greenheck Fan Corporation’s multimedia mobile learning center, housed in a giant semi-trailer, will be at MSOE from 9am to 5pm.  This is...
    Erik Oswald
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  • Chemistry: Atoms First (1st Edition Book) - $25

    I bought this book one year ago for $220. When I tried to sell it at the end of the past school year the student store employee made sure to tell me that a "new" edition of the book was being released, and they refuse...
    Daniel Skinner
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  • Join the Possibility Playground Project (Fri. Sept. 12 @ Noon in CC-46) - Lunch provided

    Get Involved in Something Amazing join Kayla’s Krew!!   Friday, September 12th at noon (free hour) in CC-46 Lunch will be provided     Have you heard of Possibility Playground?  MSOE has bee...
    Student Activities
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  • Matlab may already be installed

    I was told that Matlab was not initially installed on any of the new laptops, and that everyone in my ME 300 class needed it installed for lab tomorrow, but I typed "matlab" in the Start menu search bar to check, and ...
    Steven Somers
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  • Athletics Compliance Meeting - Mandatory for athletes (Wed. Sept. 10 @ 6pm Kern Arena)

    ALL athletes (including fall athletes who have not already completed compliance forms) MUST attend a compliance meeting this Wednesday, Sept 10, 6-7 pm, in the Kern Center Arena.     Anyone with a class co...
    Student Activities
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  • New MBA for education leadership in the news

    MSOE tries to build better school leaders - JSOnline www.jsonline.com
    Sandy Everts
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  • Software Defined Radio

    Hello,   Does this group involve the interests of Software Defined Radio?  Or is it more hardware focused?   Regards, Ryan
    Ryan Barrie
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  • Presidential Scholarship

    Could I get information on the Presidential Scholarship for the 2015-2016 school year?   Thanks,   Tyler
    Tyler Braun
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  • Teacher of the guitar

    Hi...I`m a freshman this fall. I love the guitar so much that i would love to be a player. I was wondering if I could get a teacher so that i could join one of the music groups who play.
    Eseroghene Okobiah
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  • class registration?

    First, is class registration a thing at msoe or are the class programs preset? Second, if it is a thing, when and where do I do it? Any help will be greatly appreciated. I look forward to joining you all this fall at ...
    jacob krupp
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  • Success at MSOE

    Do you know anyone who Is looking for help with classes? OR Is looking for tutoring? Is a first generation college student? Is a low income student? Has a documented learning disability? Is an international stu...
    Josiah Yoder
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  • BADMINTON tonight, 9/5 - Kern Center Field House 5-8pm

    Hope you can make it. All levels of play are invited.
    Pam Gorzalski
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  • Demographic

    I am a staff member, but I am unable to choose staff under demographics in my hub. What can I do?   Kelly
    Kelly Flemming
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  • Courses

    Anyone know where I can find a list of all the courses we have at MSOE by number and name?
    Matthew Nelson
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  • WMSE Backyard BBQ

    The countdown to MSOE's very own radio station, WMSE's Backyard BBQ begins! Come and enjoy some great music and food THIS SATURDAY (9/6/2014) from 4 - 10 pm at the WMSE Backyard BBQ at Cathedral Square (across from M...
    Student Activities
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  • MSOE Soccer Game Breaks Field Attendance Record!

    Hats off to all of the fans that came to the MSOE Raider's Soccer game today during Welcome Week.  The crowd set the attendance record for Viets field with over 600 people at the game in which MSOE defeated Lawre...
    Student Activities
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  • Who teaches the Dark Arts?  Anymore questions for the panel?

    We had a lot of fun being the panel today and we know that some of you still have questions- post those here and we will do our best to answer.     Dr.  Jenks Dr. Tritt Professor Leitzke Dr. Farrow...
    Debra Jenks
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  • How do I tune up computer performance?

    These computer have a reasonable hardware profile, but the software load is a bit strenuous. If anyone has any tips or tricks on how to rev up the performance on these beasts I know I for one would appreciate it.
    mark dunston
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  • Num Lock on at startup.

    If any of you guys use the Msoe + ID # + mm/dd/yy for your pasword you may have found it annoying to click the num lock button upon every start up. Well there is a simple fix to this. Start the Registry Editor by goin...
    Gabe Garsombke
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