Service Credit Policy

Service Credit Requirements

Fall initiates are required to complete 4 service credits for the year in which they are inducted. Spring initiates are required to complete 2 service credits in the year they are inducted into the organization. Current members are required to complete 4 service credits in a year. These requirements mean that every TBP member must complete between 2 and 8 service credits to remain an active member of the organization. Every TBP member should fall into one of these 4 requirement areas below.

When InitiatedJr. YearSr. YearTotal
Junior Fall initiate4 credits4 credits8 credits
Junior Spring initiate2 credits4 credits6 credits
Senior Fall initiateN/A4 credits4 credits
Senior Spring initiateN/A2 credits2 credits

Service Credit Deadlines

Service credits for each year are to be completed by the end of the year, not merely before the member graduates. For seniors, service credits must be completed by the end of week 10 of the spring term. For juniors, the service credits must be completed by the first day of the fall term of the next academic year. This gives juniors the summer to complete additional service credits.

JuniorStart of Fall term the following year
SeniorEnd of week 10 before graduation

Members not meeting the deadlines should be deactivated and notified by an officer. Re-activation requirements can be found in the TBP chapter constitution.

TBP members should be encouraged to complete service credits ahead of the required schedule. For example, a member initiated in the Junior year could complete all 6 or 8 credits during the summer months.

Service Credit Definition - Updated Fall 2011

One service credit is awarded for each volunteer event attended and reported via the online form. Volunteer events with over 3 hours of participation receive one additional credit, for a total of two service credits.

Certain standard events around campus earn a predefined service credit value as determined by the chapter and these exceptions and their corresponding values are detailed in the table below. Contact the Cataloger with any questions, final decisions on credit awards are determined at the discretion of the Cataloger.

Standard Activities

Activity# Service Credits
MSOE Shadow Day1 credit
Campus Visit Tour (unpaid)0.5 credits
Engineering Futures2 credits
TBP initiation setup0.5 credits
TBP initiation attendance0.5 credits

Invalid Activities

The following activities should not be awarded any service credits:

  • Any activity which is required by another organization (employer, school, etc.)
  • Any activity for which a student receives compensation (paid by MSOE or employer)
  • Painting the MSOE Spirit Rock
  • Participating in MSOE Events which do not provide service to the school or community. (For example: attending workshops or entertainment hosted by MSOE.)
  • TBP meeting attendance


To report service hours please use the following online form: MSOE WI-D Hour's Reporting