MSOE Support Services

Various services are available to veterans at MSOE. From admission to graduation, our support staff will work with you to ensure both personal and academic success.


Career Services
Please see Career Services.

Counseling Services
Various counselors are available to work with veterans to discuss any problems, concerns, or struggles they are having both at MSOE and at home. They offer many services in a safe, confidential environment. To see a counselor, stop in the Kern Center or call (414) 277-7590.

Disability Services
Angela Moureau, Coordinator of Services for Students with Disabilities, is available to any veteran who believes they have a disability. Whether the disability is physical, cognitive/physiological, or emotional, she finds ways to accommodate all students she works with. You can reach her at (414) 277-7281 or at

Raider Center for Academic Success
Services provided by RCAS are plentiful. One-on-one and group tutoring, writing assistance, workshops, testing accommodations and more are all things you can take advantage of while at MSOE. Check out Raider Center for Academic Success
for more information.