GREAT NEWS: EN131E & HU100E Offered in Spring Quarter!!

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The General Studies Department will be offering both EN131E and HU100E in the Spring Quarter!



The courses offer the same content as the traditional EN131 and HU100 courses, but they are specially designed for international students. 

  • Do you still have to take this courses to be on track with your program of studies?
  • Are you looking for an opportunity to repeat them?



  1. Academic support
  2. Better understanding background knowledge & information on all topics
  3. Curriculum tailored  to our international community that meets General Studies requirements
  4. Definitely a welcoming and collegial cohort from different countries that share your hopes and challenges
  5. Excellent environment where you can share, compare and contrast your experiences and culture with others

Students would need permission either from David Kent, General Studies Department Chair or Josie Sambolin, Director ESL Department to add that course to their spring schedule.


Thank You!