2014 Welcome Week Schedule (tentative)

Welcome Week is our way of acquainting you with YOUR university and people who care about you and your entire MSOE experience. We are proud of MSOE and want to show you why. MSOE is many things - certainly a place for learning and also a place for making new friends, for studying, for growing and for questioning. It is a place for activities, involvement, recreation and leadership. It is a place where you will make choices ... about classes, values, affiliations, friendships ... about LIFE! Our goal is to help you in making the most of your experience at MSOE.


- NEW FULL-TIME FRESHMEN:you are REQUIRED to attend Welcome Week. The highlighted sessions are specifically important and are considered mandatory for you to attend. You should make every effort to attend those sessions, as they will greatly assist you in preparing for your freshman year at MSOE.


- NEW FULL-TIME STUDENTS who transfer to MSOE with less than 25 credits are REQUIRED to attend Welcome Week. You would attend the same sessions as the New Freshmen.


- NEW FULL-TIME STUDENTSwho transfer to MSOE with at least 25 credits and NEW PART-TIME STUDENTS are INVITED to attend any session throughout the week, but are requested to attend those sessions specifically marked required for transfer and part-time students. (i.e., please see Thursday, 9/4).  You should check with your individual Program Director if you are unable to attend those required sessions.


- PARENTS: please check out those informative sessions specifically designed with you in mind.

If you have any questions, please contact Rick Gagliano, Student Activities, at 414-277-7228 or gagliano@msoe.edu

Three Critical Elements of Welcome Week


Challenge:  to satisfy high academic expectations and what it takes to be successful at MSOE.

Commitment from the student to meet the challenge and correspondingly, from the institution, to provide the necessary support.

Community:  engaging students into the MSOE culture and the formation of communities of learners.


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