December (poem)

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A poem I wrote on a melancholy day in mid-December of 2013.


The leaves have fallen on the ground,

Scattered everywhere.

It's the season that is so renowned

For the hibernating bear.


Soon we will start to see more snow

Flying in the air.

A cold reminder yet still somehow

More scenic is Times Square.


No more will the sun shine down

With all it's golden splendor.

Indoors will move the sidewalk clown

And the market vendor.


The birds have left upon their paths

We wish that we could fly.

But we just sit and take warm baths

And bake our holiday pie.


The drab grey slush and pure white flakes

Will soon be all you see.

The weather tries to raise the stakes

But I think we all agree


That with the cold and biting breeze

Comes a certain pleasure.

We can sit back, relax at ease

And the scene, from inside, we treasure.


So when the season starts in full,

Just try to remember

That while you're wearing heavy wool

It won't always be December.