Brazilian Meal Plan

  GREAT NEWS:   You are now allowed you to use  your MSOE card in selected restaurants near our campus for the two missing meals.



  1. Go to any of the restaurants below (ONLY THESE LOCATIONS)
  2. Order your food (NO ALCOHOL IS ALLOWED ~ ONLY FOOD)
  3. Give the MSOE ID card to the cashier for payment. (YOU WILL BE USING YOUR MSOE LIKE A DEBIT CARD)
  4. You will have up to $7.00 for each meal
  5. You will be allowed to see the remainder balance left in your card at payment



AJ BombersMap
  1241 N. Water St., Milwaukee (414) 221-9999


Chipotle Map
  600 E. Ogden Ave., Milwaukee (414) 223-4710

Ian’s PizzaMap
  146 E. Juneau Ave., Milwaukee, WI 53202, (414) 727-9200

Karma Bar & GrillMap
  600 E. Ogden Ave., Milwaukee (414) 220-4118

Melthouse BistroMap
  1857 E Kenilworth Pl, Milwaukee (414) 271-6358

Red Rock SaloonMap
  1227 N. Water St., Milwaukee (414) 431-0467

Tazinos Pizza and Salad BistroMap
  735 N. Water St., Milwaukee (414) 455-3015



Lets thank Ms. Sheila Barber for expediting this process- you may say Thank You ~ Obrigado to her at the ID Card office


As always, do not hesitate to call, email or visit Miss Josie Sambolin  or Mr. Mark Anderson's office to discuss any concerns you may have. Your satisfaction is our first priority.




Miss Josie