On Campus Interview Procedure

Getting the most from Your Recruiting Visit

On-Campus Interview Procedure

Contact the Services Department to arrange an interview date at least four weeks prior to anticipated visit.

Cathlyn Ferraro – (414) 277-7120.

  1. An On-Campus Interview Registration Form will be emailed to you. Complete and return, following instructions on the form along with job description(s) if available. If not available at the time of registration, email job description(s) as soon as they are available. Please email as  Microsoft Word document(s) if possible.
  2. You will receive a confirmation form once your registration form has been received. This form will indicate the dates of the various steps in our interview process.
  3. Your job description(s) will be entered on the MSOE Handshake Web site in an area that all on-campus interview jobs are entered.
  4. About three weeks prior to your interviews, emails will be sent to students in the majors you are targeting to inform them that your company will be on campus. The email will direct them to go to the Web site and view the job description(s) for the position(s) you are seeking to fill. If they are interested in interviewing, they will apply.
  5. About two weeks prior to your interviews, we will email you the resumes of interested students. You can view the resumes, selecting the candidates you would like to interview.
  6. You then email the list of candidates back to our office and we will work with the students to arrange the interview schedule(s). You will receive a copy of the schedule once it is complete

All of the dates for the steps in the above process are indicated on the confirmation form that is emailed to you following receipt of the registration form. 

If you choose to, you can elect to have MSOE preselect your candidates. You will still receive a link to the schedule once it is complete.

If you are preselecting the candidates, the Career Services Department reserves the right to fill unassigned interview slots.

Company Information Sessions

Company Information Sessions provide the opportunity for you to meet with students, promote your company and career options available. Information Sessions are usually scheduled the evening before the on-campus interviews. Contact our department for further details and scheduling (414) 277-7120.

Career Services Department

Monday - Friday
8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Room: CC-370
Phone: (414) 277-7120
Email: career-services@msoe.edu

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