Suggestions for Planned Giving

Planned Giving Options

Below are examples of ways to give:

  1. A bequest through your will is a great way to keep control of your assets now and share generosity at the time of your death. You can arrange for a specific dollar amount or a percentage, which ever accommodates your estate plan better.
  2. Gifts of stock, bonds, real estate, real and personal property. Federal tax laws encourage gifts of securities, real estate and real and personal property to MSOE by permitting many donors to take a charitable contribution for a gift that supports MSOE. You, the donor, give full value of the gift and support the mission while taking a deduction for that same amount from your taxes. To ensure by the end of the calendar year – for 2011 tax credit – all stock gifts must be initiated by 3:30p.m. (CST) on Thursday, December 29, 2011.
  3. A gift of a life insurance policy that is no longer needed may be a perfect way to fund the scholarship you have always wanted to establish to honor a person you love.
  4. Your retirement account makes a great gift. Perhaps you have several small ones that have come as a result of different jobs over your career – it may make sense to give a smaller one to MSOE.
  5. Gifts of closely-held stock are a great way to avoid taxes and a wonderful way to benefit MSOE.
  6. More advanced planning techniques are available. Including, but not limited to Charitable Remainder UniTrusts and Charitable Lead Trusts. These are specific estate planning vehicles which can help to minimize taxes and maximize personal planning.
  7. The purchase of a new life insurance policy where MSOE is the owner allows you to take a yearly gift deduction and will provide MSOE with a specific amount of insurance upon your death.
  8. CD’s, savings accounts, brokerage accounts and checking accounts with Payable on Death (POD) provisions are a way for you to pass along your assets at the time of your death without probate. You retain full ownership and control during your lifetime, but when you pass away, the asset is transferred immediately and without probate to MSOE.

Any and all of these gifts help you to plan for the future and benefit MSOE at the same time. 

Please feel free to call Scott Weaver, JD at (414) 277-7148 to discuss your thoughts and ask questions. He is available to help you work your way through the estate planning maze. MSOE will not draft any documents for you, but will see that you get the information you need to make an informed decision.

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