Supporting the Annual Fund & the Innovation Endowed Scholarship Fund

Annual Fund

Annual gifts support MSOE’s annual operating budget. They provide the needed financial resources to support academic programs, scholarships, equipment and materials purchases, computers for labs, student services, as well as academic and co-curricular programming and activities. MSOE depends on annual gifts from alumni and friends like you to sustain its position of academic excellence.

Innovation Endowed Scholarship Fund

The Innovation Endowed Scholarship Fund was established in 2015 to honor the past, present and future of MSOE. An investment in the endowment secures our future. Endowment provides perpetual support of scholarships, programs, facility improvements and operations. This goes hand-in-hand with our annual fund. Annually the proceeds from the Innovation Endowed Scholarship Fund will go directly to students in need.

When the endowment grows, an increasing amount of support can be available to support the University’s mission into the future. It is a great time to support the legacy and secure the future of MSOE.

Make an Online Donation

Often we hear questions regarding the number of calls and letters you receive from MSOE. Our goal is to keep you involved and informed of the latest and greatest news at MSOE. We’ve found letters, e-newsletters and phone calls to be the most effective way to keep in touch. The calling program gives us an opportunity to thank you and ask you personally for your financial support. The calls also share information about MSOE events and help us to keep your records updated. Our callers enjoy talking with you and we hope you enjoy talking with them.

The letters we send serve to keep you informed of the exciting things that are happening at MSOE. Each contact with you is another opportunity for you to get involved!

Donations are greatly appreciated and available for use by the university immediately and in most cases, are fully deductible for donors who itemize their federal income taxes.

Please call the Development and Alumni Affairs office at (414) 277-7151 with any questions.

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