• 2 Minutes of Payne: Episode 2 Bloopers

    Click here to watch episode 2, Get to Class. Don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel, MSOE Hub TV!
    Kelsey Uuskallio
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  • Using LinkedIn to find a job

    How to land a job on LinkedIn - The Discovery Journey - MSN Living
    David Tietyen
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  • Construction Management Success

    Did you guys see that the Construction Management is only 2 future graduates away from a 100% placement rate? If you are interested in an architectural/infrastructure field, but are looking at more of the business sid...
    Elle Meinholz
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  • Minimum Wage

    Check out this article from New York Times: http://www.nytimes.com/2014/02/10/us/politics/fight-over-minimum-wage-illustrates-web-of-industry-ties.html?ref=business   What are your thoughts?
    Megan Waelti
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  • Why the Radar School of Business?

    To the current MSOE Business Students, there are a lot of really great business programs out there. Why did you choose MSOE for your business degree? What stood out to you here that didn't at other schools?
    Elle Meinholz
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  • Who's attending the DECA Central Regional Leadership Conference?

    RADER School of Business is and we hope to see you there!  Don't forget to stop by our table on Saturday, December 7th from 8:00am. - 4:00pm.  We'll have cool giveaways and we'll tell you all our DECA Schola...
    Seandra Mitchell
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  • Rader School of Business Opportunities

    Getting a degree from MSOE affords our graduates with a variety of experience and opportunity.  Starting salaries range from $51,224 - $54,825, and our placement rates are very competitive as well.   Wh...
    Seandra Mitchell
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