The Alcohol Electronic CHECKUP TO GO!

eCHUG is an interactive web survey that assesses your demographics, drinking habits and more to provide you with feedback on your alcohol consumption.  The confidential assessment takes about 10 minutes to complete and requires no face-to-face contact.

What will it do for me?

Based on your input, eCHUG will give you personalized feedback (13 page report) on blood alcohol levels, calories, risk, strategies. and college norms.   

What do I need to do to take eCHUG?

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The Marijuana Electronic CHECKUP TO GO!

eToke is an interactive web survey that calculates your personal information, smoking patterns, spending, etc., to give you feedback about your use of marijuana. The confidential assessment takes about 10-15 minutes to complete and requires no face-to-face contact.

What will it do for me?

Based on your input, eTOKE, will give you personalized feedback (8 page report) on patterns of use, risk, goals, and college norms.

What do I need to use the eTOKE?

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Alcohol and Marijuana eCHECKUP TO GO are also available at:


Counseling Services is located on the second floor of the Kern Center (K-230).

To make an appointment call 277-7590.

Are you or someone you know preparing for exams? Here are some tips to share about staying healthy during this stressful time at school:

·         Sleep. We know it’s tempting to pull all-nighters when you are preparing for an exam, but it is proven that getting sleep is more beneficial to your success than those unproductive, very late nights of studying.

·         Exercise. Whether it’s walking, running, yoga, a dance class or ultimate Frisbee, moving your body will help to give you energy and relieve tension.

·         Remember to eat – and not just junk food. Your body and brain need sustenance to focus and retain information.

·         Take advantage of office hours. Your professors are there for you – don’t be afraid to ask questions or for help with your work when you need it.

·         There’s no magic pill. Misusing prescription drugs is not an effective or safe strategy to get through finals. Research shows that students who take un-prescribed stimulants to study or stay awake do worse academically than those who don’t.

·         There's good stress and bad stress. If you are feeling so overwhelmed or anxious that it's difficult to concentrate, sleep, eat or participate in your usual activities, please talk to a counselor or an advisor.

·         Do your best. It may not be possible to ace every test, and that is OK. Try your hardest and be proud that you did.

Share your tips for staying emotionally healthy at school using #myhealthyU on Twitter and Facebook!

If you feel you are in crisis and cannot access your school's counseling service you can call 1-800-273-TALK.

Good luck from all of us at The Jed Foundation!


Good Luck from MSOE Counseling Services  414-277-7590, Kk-230


May is a time for spring flowers, sunshine, finals, cramming, and also mental health awareness month! This is a time to assess your level of mental well being and see what you can do to increase your health. 

Find tips to get started at Mental Health America of Wisconsin - Home. 

                                                      Did you know that MSOE is hosting an entire week of relaxation activities to help you wind down?  Stop in between classes, take a study break, and take part in some much needed stress relief 

Have questions but don't know who to ask?  Join the school of nursing on Monday, April 28, 1-1:50 p.m. in K-125/7 to learn what you need to know about a variety of women's topics.

Bring your questions and hope to see you there


Did you know that this week at MSOE is "A week of no excuses?"  Sexual misconduct is an issue that affects many of us and can alter an individual's life forever.  To emphasize the importance of sexual misconduct awareness, stop by the send floor of the CC for ribbons, pamphlets, and some fun things too 

Do you know how memory works and how to maximize it?  Memory is a biological process of absorbing, storing, and accessing information.  In order to maximize your memory, you need to give your attention to the information and tie it with meaning.  Multitasking such as watching television DOES NOT WORK!  Instead you must work to UNDERSTAND the material.


Result=perform better on tests and make the most of your study time!

Did you know that your body cannot function at it's prime if it does not have the amount of sleep it needs?  Did you know that many college students, MSOE included, do not get enough sleep for their body to perform at their best?  Here are some sleep tips to help you make the most of your day


  • Avoid bright light and computer screens before bed
  • Try to maintain a consistent sleep schedule
  • Watch for excessive caffeine
  • Try to schedule classes to correspond with times you're most alert if possible
  • Block light from windows

Did you know that the accuracy level at which you are able to read other people's emotions can effect your relationships?  Are you sensitive to the moods of your friends or oblivious to their emotions?


Take this fun easy quiz published by the New York Times and see how well you do!

Although you wouldn't know it by the weather, April is here and is an excellent time to reevaluate your stress level.  Not only does stress beak down your immune system and cause you to function at less than your best, but there are a number of health benefits of relaxation that you may not know about. 

See attached article by the Huffington Post about health benefits of relaxation

Stress Awareness Day: 10 Health Benefits Of Relaxation

Did you know that exercise strongly correlates with a positive self-concept, enhanced well-being, and lower rates of depression and anxiety?  Did you know that being outdoors and having exposure to the sun decreases levels of depression and increases positive affect? 

Did you know that the weather outside is going to be beautiful this weekend


Did you know that around half of the students who begin their college education don't graduate?  Here are some common reasons students dropped out

  • Cost of school is too high
  • Not prepared to handle workload
  • Too difficult to balance work, school, and a social life


Many of these causes are common issues identified and worked through in counseling.  If you would like help working through any of these and other problems related to handling these stressors at MSOE, please contact counseling services to set up an appointment.

We are now approaching the third week of the quarter at MSOE and it is an excellent time to ask yourself questions about your level of motivation and interest in your major, career, and personal life. 


  • How can I increase and keep my motivation throughout the course of the quarter?
  • Am I unmotivated because I am in a major that is not for me? 
  • Am I best utilizing my strengths and interests in my major and in my personal life? 


Counseling Services is providing opportunities to have these questions and more answered at our HDWs next week. 

Monday, March 24th 1-150 k-125/7 Strong Interest Inventory: Your Interests and Your Career Path

Friday, March 28th 12-1250 k-125/7 Motivation: How to Get It, Keep It, and Give It

Feel like you don't totally fit into your major or looking for a more satisfying activity that fulfills your interests?  Did you know that MSOE Counseling Services offers the opportunity to take the Strong Interest Inventory and the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator?  Use your personality style and interests to shape your major, career path and activities. Contact counseling services to take the tests and receive an individualized profile and attend the Counseling HDW Strong Workshop on Monday, March 24th 1-150 K-125/7.


O*NET Website for specific career information:

Congratulations!  You are done with finals week and have a moment to breath and regroup.  Whether you are staying in the Milwaukee area, vacationing somewhere tropical, or visiting with friends and family, make sure to take the time you need before the next quarter starts.  Relaxing and taking a break is a mental necessity that significantly helps reduce stress and burnout and leads to a happy more fulfilling life. Take a moment to check in on what you need for the upcoming semester to perform at your best and maintain your health and wellness.