Have you ever wondered about dating?  Have you ever thought about what you expect to get out of dating?  Are your expectations reasonable?  Well here are some possible dating expectations:


1. Develop a "catch & release" program; if their not right for you let them go

2. Be yourself

3. Be curious about other people

4. Have fun

5. Ask questions & be a good listener

6. Don't expect your date to rescue you from your life


Come join myself & Cheryl Crawford at ****, Love & Life on October 28th (next Monday) at 1pm in Kern 125, for a great discussion on dating, relationships & more!

Tune in tonight to MTV at 6 PM CST for “Life Continued: Defeating Depression.” This documentary goes inside the lives of two young people from different parts of the country who fought their way through severe mental health struggles, but found hope and a path to recovery by taking steps to feel better and drawing strength from those around them. The Jed Foundation has teamed up with MTV and SoulPancake on this project to provide resources and messages of hope and support through our Half of Us and Love is Louder campaigns. Learn more about the program here.

October is ADHD Awareness Month


For information about ADHD or the activities available during ADHD Awareness Month, go to http://www.adhdawarenessmonth.org/.


To do a self screen for ADHD symptoms, go to the downloadable PDF of the Adult ADHD Screen at http://www.drheithaus.com/assets/Adult_ADHD-RS-4.pdf.


The comedians from the Red Green Show produced a fun and informative video on the symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of ADHD.  The DVD of ADD & Loving It is available at the MSOE Walter Schroeder Library under call number RC394.A85 A338 2009dvd.  You can check out the trailer and Web site at http://totallyadd.com/add-mastering-it/


If you think you might have ADHD and would like to talk to someone in Counseling Services, please call 414-277-7590 to schedule and appointment with any of our Counseling Services Staff.


Counseling Services plans to start an ADHD Support group later this fall.  Look for our survey on this Hub site later this week regarding best times for the group.  If you’re interested in joining the group, contact group facilitator, Jessica Suhr, at suhr@msoe.edu