Did you know that MSOE is hosting an entire week of relaxation activities to help you wind down?  Stop in between classes, take a study break, and take part in some much needed stress relief 

Have questions but don't know who to ask?  Join the school of nursing on Monday, April 28, 1-1:50 p.m. in K-125/7 to learn what you need to know about a variety of women's topics.

Bring your questions and hope to see you there


Did you know that this week at MSOE is "A week of no excuses?"  Sexual misconduct is an issue that affects many of us and can alter an individual's life forever.  To emphasize the importance of sexual misconduct awareness, stop by the send floor of the CC for ribbons, pamphlets, and some fun things too 

Do you know how memory works and how to maximize it?  Memory is a biological process of absorbing, storing, and accessing information.  In order to maximize your memory, you need to give your attention to the information and tie it with meaning.  Multitasking such as watching television DOES NOT WORK!  Instead you must work to UNDERSTAND the material.


Result=perform better on tests and make the most of your study time!

Did you know that your body cannot function at it's prime if it does not have the amount of sleep it needs?  Did you know that many college students, MSOE included, do not get enough sleep for their body to perform at their best?  Here are some sleep tips to help you make the most of your day


  • Avoid bright light and computer screens before bed
  • Try to maintain a consistent sleep schedule
  • Watch for excessive caffeine
  • Try to schedule classes to correspond with times you're most alert if possible
  • Block light from windows

Did you know that the accuracy level at which you are able to read other people's emotions can effect your relationships?  Are you sensitive to the moods of your friends or oblivious to their emotions?


Take this fun easy quiz published by the New York Times and see how well you do!