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Dr. William Farrow, Mechanical Engineering Professor here at MSOE, shared some really neat stories with me about his experience working with the 2013 WSGC High Altitude Balloon team this summer. Below is a really awesome picture captured by the payload camera during the balloon's flight. The balloon reached almost 90,000 feet and this shot was taken near peak altitude.

Seriously - how cool is this?

In addition to Dr. Farrow, the 2013 WSGC High Altitude Balloon team was comprised of 5 engineering students, 4 of which attend MSOE. Check out the team bios at The Team - WSGC Balloon Payload 2013

The team also has a great facebook page with a lot of neat pictures and status updates from various stages of the project. Take a peek: 2013 WSGC Elijah High Altitude Balloon Project | Facebook