• Monday Mouthfuls with Kelly: Iambically Speaking

    Iambically Speaking   Most English speakers speak in iambs—a rhythmic pattern that sounds like a heartbeat—unstressed syllable/stressed syllable. One way to hear this is to say the following out loud...
    Kelly Flemming
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  • How Can You Best Prepare for Finals Week?

    Finals week can be a scary time for college students, but have no fear. With the right preparation and study habits, you'll master those exams and finish your classes with high grades. Here's a great article on import...
    Charles Cline IV
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  • Week 10 and Finals Week: You are not alone!

    If you have ANY questions or difficulties with the English language or adjusting to cultural life in America, we can help you.   As we enter into week 10, final essays and projects become due and final exams ar...
    Mark Fischer
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