This week we found a scrapbook from the early 1900s, that was probably put together by a member of the Werwath family.


Here are a few pictures from it of scenes from around Milwaukee.  It's interesting to look at photographs of what the city looked like then.  It's cool that you can stand in the same spot that a photo was taken and compare what has changed and what has stayed the same.


Winnebago St [From Scrapbook].jpg


The original location of the School of Engineering 1025 Winnebago Street. 

Grand Avenue Scrapbook Photo.jpg

The Milwaukee River looking towards the Grand Avenue Bridge from 1905.


City Hall [From Scrapbook].jpg

City Hall circa 1905 200 East Wells Street.


If you like this kind of then and now history, I suggest taking a look at an awesome internet site called Historypin:, which has a map feature that allows users to upload images and place them on a map where the image was taken.  Some pictures include a street view option which overlays the old photograph with a current image of the street.  Definitely a fun site to take a look at.


There's also a book in the library by Sandra Ackerman called Milwaukee Then and Now, which shows old pictures of Milwaukee next to more recent ones.